Fortnite: Battle Royale – Season 8 Rumors, Leaks And Teasers

Season 8 is dangerously close to release, and Epic has gone quiet after the Operation: Sky Fire event, which ended on a cliffhanger, bringing the Cube from Chapter 1 back into the game. Small teasers and hints have been released, and in this guide, we go over all the rumors, leaks and teasers involving Chapter 2, Season 8 of Fortnite.

Release Date

Season 8 is slated for release on September 13, 2021, tomorrow, 12 hours after Sky Fire.

Official Teasers

Teaser 1

So, apparently there’s going to be a horse outfit next season: Fabio Sparklemane.

Teaser 2

More Anime-esque Outfits?

Teaser 3

Some sort of Russian chimp??

Teaser 4

A video has released showing small bits of the changed map, as well as showing off a potential Carnage outfit.

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