Fortnite: Battle Royale – Chapter 2, Season 7 Week 12 Quests Guide

The new week in Chapter 2, Season 7 of Fortnite has launched, and with it comes new challenges for us to tackle in reward for XP. These challenges range from self-explanatory to somewhat complicated, so these guides are here for you! I included a cheat sheet down below for additional help, as well as text to help you understand the challenge better.

Cheat Sheet


Legendary Quest: Get Slone’s Orders From A Payphone (1)

Payphones can be found marked on the cheat sheet and on the mini-map in-game, and offer quests from NPCs. Use one, and you should get orders from Doctor Slone herself from them.

Legendary Quest: Craft A Weapon With Alien Nanites (1)

Alien Nanites are items that are commonly found inside the Mothership and work as crafting materials which you can use to craft alien weaponry.

Legendary Quest: Destroy Target Dummies With IO Weapons (4)

IO weapons are commonly found at IO satellite stations.

Legendary Quest: Search For Books On Explosions (2)
Legendary Quest: Deploy Scanners In The Alien Biome (2)
Legendary Quest: Collect 3 Alien Devices, Then Activate The Countermeasure Device Underneath Corny Complex (1)

This will most likely be related to the end-of-season live event. The 3 alien devices are located on the cheat sheet.

Deal Damage To Saucers Piloted By Opponents (300)

Try to look for enemy players piloting Saucers and use your guns to shoot at them.

Deliver A Saucer To Rick Sanchez At Defiant Dish (1)

Saucers can be found at Camp Cod, Corny Complex and at Logjam Woodworks. Pilot one and fly to the satellite station east of Weeping Woods, Defiant Dish, where Rick Sanchez is located.

Deal Damage To Opponents With Alien Weapons (150)

Alien weapons can be found inside the Mothership and can be obtained by crafting with alien Nanites.

Deal Damage With An Alien Parasite Attached (150)

Alien parasites commonly spawn at Logjam Woodworks and Holly Hatchery, and there are a ton of alien trespassers at Holly, so I recommend going there for this quest.

Purchase From Vending Machines (3)

Vending machines are commonly found at gas stations.

Search Ammo Boxes At Dirty Docks (5)

This is self-explanatory.

Hunt Wildlife (3)

This is self-explanatory.

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