Fortnite: Battle Royale – Free Guy Quests Guide

The Free Guy movie hits theaters on August 13 after many delays, and to celebrate the premiere, some themed quests will become available to complete which will give you a free emote between today and September 6. Epic also confirmed a Free Guy outfit will arrive in the Item Shop tonight to coincide with the premiere and quests.


These quests are offered by an ATM located in Slurpy Swamp, Misty Meadows, Pleasant Park and Retail Row. They also don’t give you XP, but instead put Bars into your account to spend on NPC rewards.

Get Hit By A Moving Vehicle (1)

There are a bunch of cars around the map, and in the Team Brawl LTM, a bunch of people use them to run others over. Just a simple hit could be all you need to complete the quest for you, even if you survive.

Take Melee Damage (1)

“Melee” refers to harvesting tool damage, so consider dropping at a location where there are a bunch of people, or watch the video below to get a tip!

Place Coins Around The Map (3)

The next quest wants us to place 3 coins around the map.

Talk To Any NPC

There are 22 characters on the map, but only 2 of them aren’t NPCs. Here is a cheat sheet for your pleasure:

Reboot Or Revive Teammates, Or Interact With Campfires (1)

You can easily do the revive/reboot bit in Duos or Squads, but the campfire one should be easy. There’s one in the sands of Believer Beach.

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