Fortnite X Among Us Is Officially Going To Be A Thing, Leakers Report

Fortnite has been adding so, so many pop-culture icons to Fortnite, from Loki to LeBron James to Bugha to Bloodsport to Ariana Grande to more Street Fighter characters, and the latest characters to join Fortnite’s roster of collaboration characters might be the protagonists from Innersloth’s award-winning Among Us, according to a tweet from popular leaker @HYPEX.

Among Us is a very popular social-deduction murder mystery game that released in 2018 to little attention but ended up blowing up in popularity in late 2020. In Among Us, you complete tasks in specific rooms in a spaceship (Like an electrical hideout, a weapons lab, a cafeteria, etc.) while you avoid a murderer and try to figure out who they are. Epic adapted this very idea into the Spy Within event back in December 2020, but that was just a mere knockoff that was not authorized by Innersloth, the Among Us developers. But it seems now that Epic is collaborating with them to deliver an official crossover. Very little about the crossover is known other than this leak.

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