Possible Fortnite Crew Bonuses Were Leaked In A Survey, Including In-Game Rewards For Rocket League And Fall Guys

In a recent Epic survey leaked by @Guille_GAG, Epic Games is testing ideas and concepts for extra Fortnite Crew bonuses to see what people think of them. The bonuses are as follows:

  • Choose from one of three Outfits each month with option to purchase the other two
  • Exclusive cosmetic types
  • Crew-exclusive in-game event and concert experiences
  • Rewards based on how long you have subscribed like player badges, titles, account flair, etc
  • Access to video subscription services
  • Fall Guys benefits like Battle Pass access, cosmetics, or currency
  • Cosmetic rewards based on how long you have subscribed like progressive outfits, back blings, gliders, etc
  • Rotating selection of cosmetics that subscribers can use
  • Crew-exclusive quests
  • Ability to support or sponsor favorite Creative mode creators
  • Season XP multipliers or boosts
  • Custom matchmaking for Creative islands
  • Receive Rocket League and Fall Guys Battle Pass

The Fortnite Crew in it’s current state is certainly offering a bang for your buck, seeing how you can get an exclusive cosmetic set, the Battle Pass (Or 950 V-Bucks), 1,000 V-Bucks, extra cosmetics, Spotify Premium (Only from April – June 2021) and Save The World access (May 2021). But while these additional bonuses may persuade people to spend $12 a month, it definitively seems Epic is leaning a bit too heavily on this VIP subscription service model, even allowing for in-game benefits and rewards for other games like Rocket League and Fall Guys.

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