EA Play Guide – 2021 Edition

EA Play Live is going live on July 22 (After being noticeably absent from E3 2021) and we will have new information on EA titles and games presented to us live, so this is an event no EA fan should miss.

Where To Watch?

It will premiere live on July 22 on the EA YouTube and Twitch channels.


Go check on the EA YouTube channel to see when EA Play 2021 premieres for your time zone!

Time ZoneTime
PST10:00 am
EST1:00 pm
BST6:00 pm
EAT8:00 pm


Grid Legends

Grid Legends, from Codemasters, is a racing experience from the Grid franchise containing a story mode about an underdog tale. There are trucks, muscle wheelers, electric cars and many more vehicles that you can play with in a variety of modes and locations based on real-life cities like London and Moscow. It will release in 2022.

Apex Legends: Emergence

Season 10 of Apex Legends, titled “Emergence”, will have a new legend, Seer, a stealthy legend who can collect intel that will become available on August 3. His Passive is a heartbeat sensor, his Tactical is a drone that tracks and detects enemies and an Ultimate that unleashes a dome that can detect anyone inside. Check out the reveal trailer on July 26.

Lost In Random

Lost In Random is a new indie EA Original, heavily inspired by fairy tales and stop-motion animation. The game follows two separated sisters trying to reunite, with the help of peculiar characters and creatures, and will feature card-based attacks that alters gameplay, battles using in-game dice and traditional strategic combat. It releases on September 10.

Knockout City Season 2

After a successful season commercially, Knockout City returns on July 27 for Season 2, featuring new skins, rewards, a new map and more, themed all around cinema and the movies.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is the highly-anticipated new installment in the Battlefield franchise, taking place in the distant future, and will feature the Portal mode, which allows you to create your ideal Battlefield gamemode, mixing and matching bits from all the old Battlefield games, including soldier customization and code-editing. You can create an infection mode, a mode with only World War II items and more. Essentially, it’s Halo Forge with Battlefield assets.

Dead Space

At the end of the show, a new Dead Space reboot was announced to be coming to the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

The Event

It premieres live on July 22!

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