Valve Announces The $400 Steam Deck, A PC On The Go

Following mild rumors, the Steam Deck, a portable PC among the likes of the Nintendo Switch, was revealed today, at a price point of $400. This new device from Valve is completely portable, yet boasts the technological capabilities of a gaming PC, and, unlike all other consoles on the market, allows for unrestricted desktop use. That means that other third-party applications and launchers can be installed.

But what if you’re not a fan of the portability aspect? No worries, you can easily hook the device to a keyboard and monitor for traditional desktop use. If you are a fan of portable consoles and are curious about the device’s battery life, it will last around 7-8 hours for lighter uses (2D games, internet browsing, etc.) and 6-7 hours for heavier uses, such as playing 3D or more complex games.


$399 – 64 GB of storage

$529 – 256 GB of storage

$649 – 512 GB of storage

The hybrid console will release in December 2021 for those in the European Union, United States, United Kingdom and Canada, and in 2022 for everyone else.

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