Redditors Were Asked For Their Dream Fortnite Collaborations, Here Are The Results

On June 29, our writer @david1258 went out on Reddit to ask Fortnite fans for their dream Fortnite collaborations – they had to choose one character from any piece of media to be in the game. The post went viral on the official Fortnite subreddit, gaining 1,200 upvotes and garnering 1,695 comments. In short, over 1000 characters were suggested under the thread – but only 20 could be taken and used to create a mock-up. And so that happened – here are the final results.

PowerPoint Mock-Up

With templates supplied by Reddit user u/williambash, 20 of the most popular suggested characters were made into outfits, mimicking Fortnite’s user interface to make it look official. Descriptions, rarities, images and set names were recorded, and the users who originally suggested them were credited.

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