Fortnite: Battle Royale – Chapter 2, Season 7 Week 5 Quests Guide

The new week in Chapter 2, Season 7 of Fortnite has launched, and with it comes new challenges for us to tackle in reward for XP. These challenges range from self-explanatory to somewhat complicated, so these guides are here for you! I included a cheat sheet down below for additional help, as well as text to help you understand the challenge better.

Cheat Sheet


Legendary Quest: Get Slone’s Orders From A Payphone (1)

Payphones can be found marked on the cheat sheet and on the mini-map in-game, and offer quests from NPCs. Use one, and you should get orders from Doctor Slone herself from them.

Legendary Quest: Interact With A CB Radio (1)

While you only need to use one of these things, 6 CB Radios can be found in Retail Row.

Legendary Quest: Place Gifts In Holly Hatchery (2)

Holly Hatchery is the brand new area inside Holly Hedges – instead taken over by parasites and aliens. We’re unsure what kind of gifts you’re giving – but it’s unlikely they’ll be pleasant. The locations to place these gifts are marked on the cheat sheet.

Legendary Quest: Deploy Alien Nanites (1)

Alien Nanites are new loot found on the floor and in chests, so if you find one, use it!

Legendary Quest: Dance Near Zyg And Choppy (1)

“Zyg And Choppy” is a new boss found in Hydro 16, the industrial building near the dam. Emote near them without being targeted and you’ll get the challenge done.

Legendary Quest: Get Infected By An Alien Parasite And Talk To Sunny (1)

Alien parasites randomly spawn around the map and latch on to a player’s face, infecting them and distorting their voice if they’re using a microphone. Get infected by a parasite and talk to Sunny, who is located by the east of Believer Beach.

Destroy Computer Equipment At Satellite Stations Or Corny Complex (3)

Computer equipment can be found and destroyed at the base in Corny Complex or in any of these satellite stations:

– Discovery Dish (Near Holly Hedges)

– Deep Woods Dish (Near Stealthy)

– Dampy Dish (Near Slurpy Swamp)

– Defiant Dish (Near Weeping Woods)

– Dinky Dish (Near Dirty Docks)

Damage IO Guards (250)

IO Guards can be found at the locations listed in the previous quest.

Eliminate Trespassers (2)

Trespassers are disguised as ordinary NPCs, and upon interaction, will unveil their identity and attack you. Eliminate 2 disguised Trespassers to get the job done.

Deal Damage With IO Or Alien Weapons (500)

IO weapons can be found inside IO chests and from IO NPCs (Like Slone and the Guards) while alien weapons can be obtained by eliminating alien NPCs like Saucer pilots and Tresspassers.

Loot Supply Drops (2)

Supply drops are commonly found late in core modes or in Team Rumble. I recommend going into Team Rumble for this one, seeing how common these supply drops are in that mode.

Damage A Saucer With A Pilot Inside (800)

Piloted Saucers can be commonly found in areas with purple text, meaning that the area is swarming with aliens and UFOs. Deal 800 damage to a flying saucer in this area to complete the quest.

Open An IO Chest At A Satellite Station Or Corny Complex (1)

IO chests can be found in the locations listed above.

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