Loki Will Be In The July Fortnite Crew Pack!

June is coming to an end, which means that teasers and hints for the rewards in July’s Fortnite Crew pack should pop up. Thankfully, Epic has us covered, and for the first time since January, the Fortnite Crew is themed around a collaboration, this time, focused on the Marvel character Loki. Loki is the god of mischief in the comics and Thor’s brother, who is the titular protagonist on the Disney+ hit show Loki.

His inclusion also makes sense given the pattern the Fortnite Crew has been following.

December’s pack was themed around space and cosmos, much like Season 3.

January’s pack was themed around superheroes, just like Season 4.

February’s pack had a female version of the popular “Drift” outfit from Season 5.

March’s pack had a llama character, similar to the one found in the Battle Pass for Season 6.

April’s pack had a remake of the Lynx outfit, a character from Season 7.

May’s pack had a red, cursed skeleton character, similar to Season 8’s promotional aesthetic.

June’s pack had a futuristic mech warrior, which Season 9 was full of.

July’s pack would’ve focused on time (Season 10’s theme) and in Loki, the titular anti-hero goes on adventures across space and time.

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