The O2 Musical Adventure in Fortnite: Creative Begins June 24!

The Fortnite X O2 crossover is going live on Thursday, June 24, and here’s what’s coming in Creative mode:

  • The Venue: At the O2 Island coming this Thursday, you can visit and play mini-games, rides and more. Players can get to the island via the Hub or using Creative code 2500-3882-9781.
  • Easy Life Concert: Easy Life is a breakout band which will perform in Creative mode via the “EASY LIFE AT THE O2” playlist or the featured portal at the Hub. It’s no ordinary concert, though. The show will feature songs from Easy Life’s new album “Life’s A Beach”. Players who complete the experience will earn the “UFOs And Aliens” lobby track, pictured below.
  • Free Spray: At the new O2 Island are signs which will allow you redeem the Squeezey Life spray, with the redemption code in the O2 Blueroom.
Fortnite Squeezy Life Spray and UFOs & Aliens Lobby Track

The experience was built by lead community creator Wert, and additional creators DolphinDom, KKSlider, and Hellraiser. If you want to upload footage of the concert on YouTube, feel free to do so if you plan on uploading it publicly (Or making it unlisted), otherwise you might receive a copyright strike. Creators not in the Support-A-Creator program are not allowed to monetize the upload.

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