Yes, Thanos is Returning To Fortnite As A Cosmetic Outfit

It’s been a good three years since the first crossover in Fortnite, which involved a Thanos-themed LTM based off the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War. Ever since, we have had what’s felt like millions of collaborations from cinema, to television, to literature, to gaming and more. But after 1,137 days, the big MCU baddie Thanos returns to Fortnite – this time as a cosmetic. In this guide, we go over his reveal and the tournament you can get him in.

Thanos will be available in a tournament, the Thanos Cup, on Monday, June 21, but will also be available in the Item Shop on June 26. It will last for three hours, and will give you a chance to earn the outfit, Infinity Gauntlet back bling and Thanos Watches! spray.

EN 17BR ThanosCup Social

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