Fortnite: Battle Royale – Kane And Reus Outfits On Their Way!

The Icon Series is getting another addition to the pretty exclusive group! The Icon Series includes and represents celebrities, creators and cultures of the real world. So far, we only have music artists like MarshmelloMajor Lazer and Travis Scott, streamers/internet personalities like LoserfruitNinjaLachlan, TheGrefg and LazarBeam, as well as football players, like Neymar Jr. And it looks like England National Team Captain Harry Kane and German footballer Marco Reus are joining the group!

The sports stars will make their way to the Item Shop on June 11, and can be purchased separately or via the Kane and Reus bundle.

Fortnite Harry Kane Outfit Hurrikane Emote And Back Bling
Fortnite Marco Reus Outfit Marcinho Emote And Back Bling

UEFA Euro 2020 Cup

Next week, the UEFA Euro 2020 Cup will take initiative. Read more about it here.

EN 17BR UEFACup Social

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