Fortnite: Battle Royale – Chapter 2, Season 6 Week 12 Quests Guide

The new week in Chapter 2, Season 6 of Fortnite has launched, and with it comes new challenges for us to tackle in reward for XP. These challenges range from self-explanatory to somewhat complicated, so these guides are here for you! I included a cheat sheet down below for additional help, as well as text to help you understand the challenge better. This is also the final week of Chapter 2, Season 6 – which means you better finish these challenges up if you want to reach Level 100 or higher!

Cheat Sheet


Legendary Quest: Spend Gold Bars (150, 300, 450, 600, 750)

Gold bars can be obtained from chests, cash registers, and NPC quests in-game. To actually make any progress with this quest, spend gold bars. Almost every NPC offers something in reward for Bars, like exclusive weapon Exotics or basic items. Spend 150, 300, 450, 600 and 700 Bars to complete all the stages before it switches out on June 8, when Season 7 launches.

Visit The Zero Point (1)

The Zero Point is contained on the very top point of the Spire, the center POI. It’s also where the Foundation is, which is important to the lore.

Craft Pistols (3)

Primal Pistols are probably the easiest pistols to craft. All you need is a basic, Makeshift Pistol, and some Animal Bones that can be found from dead animals.

Defeat A Spire Guardian (1)

The Spire Guardian can be found in Guardian Towers, which are located by the edges of the primal biomes. They’re actually great drop spots since few drop there – but that intel is probably irrelevant now that Season 7 begins next week.

Hunt Predators (1)

Predators most likely refers to hostile animals like Wolves or Raptors, which can be commonly found in primal biomes. They travel in packs too, so if you’re ever low on Animal Bones or Meat, they’re the way to go!

Tame Boars Outside Of Colossal Crops (1)

Boars can be commonly found in autumnal/primal locations, especially near Primal Pond, the landmark where Cluck spawns.

Chicken Glide At Colossal Crops (1)

Chickens can be found in Colossal Crops, so all you need to do is pick one up, and jump off a high altitude whilst carrying one of these animals. Hold the “jump” button to glide and complete the quest.

Raid An Artifact From Stealthy Stronghold And From Coral Castle (1)

Aztec and Atlantean-style artifacts can be found in Stealthy Stronghold and Coral Castle, respectively. There are 4 in each POI, and it’s unknown if you need to collect one from each or you can collect artifacts from wherever you want.


    1. It’s gonna be more fun if someone from your team does it for you and you won’t need to spend a cent 😀


      1. Eh, might as well do it yourself in a team rumble match. The season ends in 5 days, make the most of your bars before they reset


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