Fortnite Players Are Beginning To Receive Creepy DVDs And Postcards Possibly Teasing Season 7

As Season 6 comes to a close, Fortnite players around the world begin to anticipate the next season, Season 7. Fortnite season launches are very exciting, and sometimes Epic goes the extra mile and includes ARG to coincide with their launches. ARG stands for “Alternate Reality Game”, and is basically marketing that acts like it takes place within a fictional universe, usually a gaming one. Epic’s no stranger to these – in Chapter 1, Season 5, when worlds collided and things were thrown in and out of the Fortnite world, props of Loot Llamas and the Durrr Burger were found across the real world to act as if they were taken out of the Fortnite universe. In Chapter 2, Season 2, posters were found in places like Australia, Brazil and even Madrid, complete with phone numbers you could call to listen to cryptic messages that were teasing Season 2. But over a year has passed, and it’s time for a new ARG event for Fortnite players to theorize, and this ARG may be bigger than we thought.

This ARG is called “They’re Coming”. No, it’s not a crossover with 1982’s Poltergeist, but rather, a series of strange and honestly creepy teasers sent to people without context. These teasers allude to aliens and alien culture, like crop circles. In fact, some content creators had DVDs sent to them, like popular and reliable leaker @iFireMonkey.

Postcards were also sent to regular people, including civilians who don’t play Fortnite or use Epic Games.

For more information, you can check out the subreddit r/Theyrecoming and the Discord server.

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