How To Change Your Server Nickname On Discord

Discord has a range of hidden customization features that few people notice, and, while they’re really just cosmetic, do add a bit of charm to your profile. But, like I said, they’re lesser-known options and aren’t as apparent to newcomers to Discord compared to old-timers. In this guide, we go over the process of changing your nickname in a server.


Step 1. Open The “Change Nickname” Setting

In your server, you’ll find a drop-down button, labelled as the name of the server. Click it, and go to “Change Nickname”.

Step 2. Change Nickname

And there you go! You have now changed your name on Discord! Now, this isn’t the same as changing your username. Your default username will appear on any server where you haven’t changed the nickname, which means, if you want a nickname to appear on all your servers, you may consider changing your username.

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