How To Invite People To Your Discord Server

Discord doesn’t work well without friends or associates messing about in your server, so it’s a pretty good idea to invite people to your server, whether they be real friends or people you met online. The way to go about this, however, may be confusing to some, so in this guide, we go over the process of inviting friends and people to your Discord server.


Step 1. Open The “Invite People” Setting

In your server, you’ll find a drop-down button, labelled as the name of the server. Click it, go to “Invite People” and you’ll come across the screenshot below. You can copy the link to send to your friends, but it expires within 7 days. If you want, you can check the box so the link would never expire.

Step 2. Share The Link With Others

After copying the link, share it with others by embedding the link on a messaging network, like Gmail, WhatsApp or another Discord server.

And that’s how you do it! If someone accepts your invitation, they will immediately join the server, and you’ll have another user on your server!

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