What Will The 1000th Fortnite Outfit Be? (UPDATED)

Since the first Fortnite outfits released in the autumn of 2017, we have had exactly 998 cosmetic costumes release throughout the game’s history. Some have been released via the Item Shop, some via the seasonal Battle Passes and some from bundles and packs. And 1000 is a big, round number, so it makes sense that Epic might have some plans for the 1000th outfit in Fortnite. In this guide, we go over who it might be.

The most probable outcome is that the 1000th Fortnite outfit won’t be anything special. Epic is known for missing opportunities, and they probably don’t know they’re at 1000 cosmetics. But it’s fun to speculate, even though the most likely possibility is that there won’t be anything special.

But if there was to be a special cosmetic for the big four digits, there would be a few options, and the chart below lists them:

We will most likely see the 1000th outfit get leaked/datamined when 16.40 drops sometime this week.


Apparently, we already hit 1000 outfits in January, with the release of Striker Specialist. Thank you to Ashamed-Budget-4260 for bringing this to my attention.


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