Fortnite: Battle Royale – Chapter 2, Season 6 Week 8 Quests Guide

The new week in Chapter 2, Season 6 of Fortnite has launched, and with it comes new challenges for us to tackle in reward for XP. These challenges range from self-explanatory to somewhat complicated, so these guides are here for you! I included a cheat sheet down below for additional help, as well as text to help you understand the challenge better.

Cheat Sheet


Legendary Quest: Destroy Structures With Fire (2500, 5000, 7500, 10000, 12500)

This one’s insanely easy. It can be done in Team Rumble, though completing the latter stages may require hours of mindless grinding.

Collect Research Books From Holly Hedges And Pleasant Park (2)

The research books are marked accordingly on the cheat sheet.

Use Launcher From Guardian Towers (3)

There are 6 Guardian Towers around the map, at the edges of the autumnal biome. On top, there is a massive launcher, so use that 3 times.

Open Chests At The Spire Or Guardian Towers (3)

The Spire is pretty crowded and rampant, so it may be a better idea to just raid the Guardian Towers, even thought they don’t have much loot. If you’re daring enough, you can consider dropping at The Spire.

Damage Opponents Within 10 Seconds Of Landing (1)

For this quest, consider dropping at a populous POI like Pleasant Park or The Spire or following other players.

Dance At Durrr Burger Kitchen (1)

The Durrr Burger is located by Logjam Woodworks, and this quest requires you to visit the restaurant, go into the kitchen, and emote.

Use Firefly Jar At The Pizza Pit (1)

Firefly Jars can easily be obtained at night, and can especially be found in forested areas, so there may be a bit of traveling. Nevertheless, after obtaining a jar, throw it at the Pizza Pit restaurant near the Orchard to complete the quest.

Drive From Durrr Burger To Pizza Pit Without Exiting The Vehicle (1)

For this quest, you may need Petrol (Which can be found in Logjam) and vehicle modifications for your car, so you can get out of sticky situations and cross steep areas. Simply just visit the Durrr Burger, fill your car up with gas, modify it and drive to the Pizza Pit.

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