Fortnite: Battle Royale – The Spire Quests Transcript

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s cryptic lore allows for special dialogue interactions and exchanges related to an overall plot, and in Season 6, we got a set of quests called “The Spire”. The Spire quests involved Raz studying the Spire, a mysterious tower holding the Foundation and the Zero Point, learning the dangers and secrets it held. In this guide, we go over the entire transcript for The Spire.

Part 1

Find Tarana

Tarana: I found something for you. A strange device with some sort of message… I think.

Tarana: Collect some artifacts for me and it’s yours.

Tarana: Stay close, there are plenty of good artifacts nearby.

Collect Artifacts For Tarana

Tarana: I cannot keep my promise. Your device was stolen by that thief, Raz.

Tarana: You’ll likely find him in Colossal Crops hawking the treasure’s he’s “found.”

Find The Thief

Raz: Thief? Occasionally. But this time I had something else in mind.

Raz: That device of yours is waiting for you nearby.

Raz: It’s very interesting… once you understand it.

Play The Last Log And Return To Raz

Raz: Interesting message, no?

Raz: If you’d like I could decode this little message of yours.

Raz: It will take some time.

Raz: And I will require a few favors in return.

Complete 5 Uncommon Or Rarer Quests

Raz: This message of yours is directing you to The Spire.

Raz: Coincidentally, this is a place of great interest to me.

Raz: I have been working on a way to disguise myself to finally enter the Spire’s inner sanctum.

Raz: I can make a disguise for you as well… if you bring me what I require.

Raz: Bring me an artifact stolen from the Spire. Mind you, it must be stolen.

Raz: A talisman looted from a Spire Guardian’s body…

Raz: And a sacrifice from the wilds in the form of a Wolf Fang, a Boar Tusk, and three Chicken Feathers.

Raz: Bring me this and the Old Guardians may just bless our endeavors.

Raz: Do not rush the Old Guardians.

Raz: They will work their magic when they see fit.

Finish All 3 Spire Quests And Return To Raz

Raz: Your disguise is waiting for you near the Spire.

Raz: Among your things you will find a Crystal Focus pickaxe.

Raz: Sample the Crystal Shards and return the device to me.

Raz: There is old magic in the Spire. Be cautious in your explorations.

Part 2

Talk To The Joneses

Rex: You needed a Jones and you came to me? Look at me!

Rex: You know why I’m dressed like a dinosaur? Because I sure don’t.

Rex: When you find a Jones who knows what’s going on,

Rex: Ask about my whole dino situation, would ya?

Sash Sergeant: I was involved in The Spire? Looks like I’m never earning my Cautious Camper Sash Badge.

Sash Sergeant: According to the IO Agent Field Guide, memory loss is a very common when entering the loop.

Sash Sergeant: So I don’t know if any of us can help you… unless…

Sash Sergeant: …the rumors of The First Jones are true.

Sash Sergeant: That’s all you’re getting from me. I’m not losing my No Snitching Badge.

Sun Tan Specialist: Right on, man. I always thought I’d be a hero.

Sun Tan Specialist: But if I know me, I probably don’t want to be stuck in a weird limbo between worlds.

Sun Tan Specialist: Maybe one of the other Joneses can help.

Wreck Raider: Sometimes bits and pieces come back to me when I’m on a dive.

Wreck Raider: I came here on a mission to study the zero point…

Wreck Raider: But once you’re in the loop you’re just an echo of who you once were…

Wreck Raider: Well… that’s true for most of us….

Grill Sergeant: Me? Best I can guess is I was on some sort of undercover mission.

Grill Sergeant: Doesn’t matter. Once you’re here, you’re here.

Grill Sergeant: And most of us don’t even know that we’ve forgotten… all the stuff we’ve forgotten.

Grill Sergeant: Supposedly it gets worse the more times you enter the loop.

Grill Sergeant: Can’t remember who told me that…

Cabbie: Me? Working with The Foundation? Not likely.

Cabbie: That guy’s just itching for an excuse to kick my –

Cabbie: Wait – how do you know about the Foundation?

Cabbie: Also… how do I know about The Foundation…

Cabbie: The Loop does strange things to your memory.

Slurp Jonesy: HA HA HA HA HA!

Slurp Jonesy: JONES IS DOOMED!


Slurp Jonesy: NOW SLURP OFF!

Castaway Jonesy: What do you mean “other Joneses?” Are they here?

Castaway Jonesy: Do they have food?

Bunker Jonesy: Don’t you get it? There is no Agent Jones!

Bunker Jonesy: Once you’re here, you’re not you. You’re like a snapshot of who you were.

Bunker Jonesy: I figured that out in the bunker.

Bunker Jonesy: You can figure out a lot of stuff in a bunker.

Find Jonesy The First

Jonesy The First: Prove to me you really want to learn what’s going on here. Then maybe we’ll talk.

Jonesy The First: It looks like Jones asked the right person for help.

Jonesy The First: If you really want to get wrapped up in this maybe I’ll help.

Jonesy The First: Or…

Jonesy The First: Maybe we’ll end this right here.

Jonesy The First: Up to you.

Duel Jonesy The First

Jonesy The First: Get ready to fight!

Return To Jonesy The First

Jonesy The First: Not bad. Guess I underestimated you.

Jonesy The First: There are people who think The Spire will make them powerful.

Jonesy The First: It will, but it will exploit every their weakness.

Jonesy The First: Do not allow The Spire to corrupt someone powerful,

Jonesy The First: Or Jones does not stand a chance.

Jonesy The First: Go now, before The Spire attracts any more attentions from the –

Jonesy The First: Never mind, just hurry!

Part 3

Gather Information On Raz From Tarana, Lara Croft, Rebirth Raven, Cluck Or Cobb

Lara Croft: I warned Raz against searching for Spire Artifacts.

Lara Croft: That much power is bound to attract attention.

Tarana: Well, I’ve always known Raz was an idiot, but it turns out he’s also a fool.

Tarana: Nothing good comes from The Spire. Stay away.

Cluck: On my beak, you won’t catch me near the Spire.

Cluck: Dark magic brings dark days. B’kaw!

Rebirth Raven: The longer Raz has the Spire Artifact, the more danger we’re in.

Rebirth Raven: You can’t wield that much power without attracting a lot of unwanted attention.

Cobb: *Glances nervously at The Spire*

Cobb: *Panics quietly*

Complete Uncommon Or Rarer Quests

Raz: Something’s wrong… isn’t it?

Raz: Did… I go to The Spire?

Raz: I think I’ve made a huge mistake.

Raz: But… I found the Artifact! I shouldn’t be here…


  1. Lara and raven both mention the spires power attracting attention… I wonder who it’s attracting? Galactus 2.0? 🤔


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