What Did You Get In Every Fortnite Crew Pack? (May 2020)

Every month brings in a new Fortnite Crew pack, and each one brings in new perks and rewards for subscribing. This has been going since December 2020, and each pack offers new and unique rewards for subscribing, from new and exclusive cosmetics to external perks like access to Save The World and Spotify Premium. In this guide, we go through a history of every Crew Pack as of May 2021 and what each one gave you. For crew details and prices, visit this post.

December 2020 – Galaxia

The December 2020 pack was the only pack to not release on the first of the month – since Chapter 2, Season 5 debuted on December 2, so did December’s pack. The pack was pretty basic – it gave you the Legendary Galaxia outfit, the Fractured World back bling and Cosmic Llamacorn harvesting tool, along with 1000 V-Bucks and the Chapter 2, Season 5 Battle Pass.

January 2021 – Green Arrow

The January 2021 pack was the only pack to feature a collaboration outfit, that being DC’s Green Arrow, straight out of the hit 2014 CW show. It didn’t come with anything the December pack didn’t. We had the DC Series Green Arrow outfit, the Tactical Quiver back bling and Boxing Glove Arrow harvesting tool, along with 1000 V-Bucks and the Chapter 2, Season 5 Battle Pass.

February 2021 – Vi

The February 2021 pack had an interesting lore-based lead-up prior to it’s release, which involved the Fox Clan, a mysterious group revealed in Chapter 1, Season 5. As for the cosmetics and rewards, February had a mighty selection. This pack included the Legendary Vi outfit, the Foxbow Quiver back bling, the Crooked Claw harvesting tool, the Drift Shift wrap, the Kitsune’s Pursuit loading screen, the Fox Clan Reborn loading screen, 1000 V-Bucks and the Chapter 2, Season 5 Battle Pass, a significant increase compared to December 2020 and January 2021’s packs.

March 2021 – Llambro

The March 2021 pack included a significant decrease in items compared to February’s pack. Even though there weren’t any themed loading screens, the pack still included a hefty amount of items. We had the Epic Llambro outfit, the Up North back bling, the Puffcorn Pick harvesting tool, the Llegend wrap, 1000 V-Bucks and the Chapter 2, Season 5 Battle Pass. However, when Chapter 2, Season 6 began on March 16, the Season 5 Battle Pass reward was replaced with the Season 6 one and the Blister Pack back bling was offered as a bonus reward.

April 2021 – Alli

The April 2021 pack included a decent amount of cosmetics, and was also the first Crew Pack to include an external offer. Items included were the Legendary Alli outfit, the Squee back bling, the Skellyfish harvesting tool, the Cat’s Paw wrap, the Catwalk loading screen, 1000 V-Bucks, the Chapter 2, Season 6 Battle Pass, and 3 months of Spotify Premium, starting on April 22 and ending on June 30.

May 2021 – Deimos

The May 2021 pack was by far the most content-filled pack yet. Items included were the Epic Deimos outfit, the Sorrow’s Edge back bling, the Sorrow’s Reach harvesting tool, the Doomed Echo wrap, the Skull Stalker loading screen, the Deimos hero, 1000 V-Bucks, the Chapter 2, Season 6 Battle Pass, 3 months of Spotify Premium and Save The World. It was also announced that new rewards would release every week in May, making the Crew an even better bang for your buck now.

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