How To Create A Discord Server

Discord is an ever-evolving social space that’s being used by gamers and game developers alike – and there is quite a lot to unpack from this seemingly simple app. One of the most important steps to begin your Discord journey is to create a server. Servers are how Discord divides itself – they can be used for video games, specific people, fan clubs, communities and groups of friends, so this guide can be used to create your very own Discord server!


Step 1. Press The ‘Create A Server’ Option

To the side of the homepage, there is a vertical list of servers you’re a part of. At the bottom, press the plus sign, which will bring you a list of server types you can create. Are you looking for something personal for friends, or something more professional? The choice is yours.

Step 2. Personalize Your Server

After creating, you will be given a list of prompts and tasks (All optional) to further customize your server. You can invite your Discord friends (Or copy a link and send it via some other messaging app), add an icon, change the name or send your first message! It’s up to you. Check out our upcoming articles we show you Discord tricks and features.

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