Fortnite – The Entire Storyline Explained

Fortnite’s storyline is extremely confusing, to the point where there are many theories circling around trying to piece together the entire story from the very beginning to now. The storyline used to be told via cryptic weekly map changes and seasonal live events, but has now taken a different form, in the style of dialogue and cutscenes, cryptic voice logs and more. Now that Chapter 2, Season 5 gave us quite a lot of information about the game’s lore, we decided to go over it. In this guide, we revise the entire Fortnite storyline from Chapter 1, Season 1 to now. Credit to YouTube channel Rivecha for a lot of these theories, and unconfirmed bits are highlighted in bold.

The Zero Point, Imagined Order And The Loop

The Zero Point is an ancient orb that has been around since the beginning of everything, located on the Fortnite Island, (I’m going to be capitalizing “island” because that’s how Epic does it for some reason) the Zero Point can connect to all realities, including multiverses. Some people realized just how powerful the Zero Point is, so they created an organization called the Imagined Order, otherwise known as IO. One of the agents IO recruited, John Jones, had to travel through the center of all reality, which was the Fortnite Island via a “bridge” powered by Dark Matter. This was the Loop, where people became muted, powerless and would lose their memories if they were here for a long time. Since the IO agents who investigated the Zero Point quickly left each and every time, they were not muted, but they left snapshots of themselves there instead. 8 agents left behind respective snapshots, which became the first inhabitants of the island, and so, IO, realizing they unintentionally created clones, made sure the gateway out was hidden and concealed the Zero Point under a lake. If a snapshot were to ever escape, that would cause a collapse in reality. To make sure no one escaped the Loop, IO created enforcer guards, which basically acted as dimensional police. But it seemed like because of the Loop’s mysterious powers, no one wanted to escape because they didn’t know the truth. They settled down, and it seemed like IO could rest easy. But they were still sending agents in for a short period of time in order to investigate, which invited more and more snapshots and clones out of nowhere. Yet no one was suspicious because of the Loop’s memory-draining powers.

The Seven And Rifts

The Seven are a mysterious alien group obviously made up of 7 members, who are the same person from different realities. As of April 2021, we only know of 4 members: The Visitor, the Scientist the Paradigm and the Foundation, the leader of the group. Their goal is the complete opposite of IO’s: Break the Loop. The first member, the Visitor, came to the Island via a meteor, which crash-landed in Dusty Depot, one of the locations there. Afterwards, while the government set up a lab by the meteor, the Visitor escaped and seemingly bribed/forced the government into delivering extraterrestrial rocks known as Hop Rocks to him. These rocks were used to fuel his rocket, which he built from his alien tech and movie props. When he launched his Rocket, he traveled through different realities via rifts in space, which destabilized the Loop. People, places and things were transported from alternate realities to ours thanks to the sky crack the Visitor left behind, including a person from the real world named Drift, who slowly started to have his memories fade away. IO needed to act quickly.

Dark Matter

Dark matter is a material used by IO to travel through time and space. Why is this relevant? Well, IO used dark matter to seal up the massive crack in the sky, which ended up creating a massive cube of darkness. This cube wandered around the Island until it sank into Loot Lake, where the Zero Point was located. It was naturally attracted to it, and it eventually rose up in the form of a floating island. It started to destabilize, which brought in dark and evil zombies. When the cube exploded, the Island was sent into the Inbetween dimension, a world of light and rifts. After the looped inhabitants returned back, all was calm. Until something was found in the distance.

The Elemental Conflict

Years before IO and the Seven ever discovered the Island, a group of elemental kingdoms were in peace, but they all had one goal: Take control of the fabled Zero Point. Each one kept their goals to themselves, except the Fire King, who openly revealed his manifest. The Ice King, believing he was assaulting the peace, imprisoned the fiery leader for centuries. After peace was disrupted, the Ice King isolated his kingdom on an iceberg. Thousands of years later, an expedition team known as A.I.M settled on the iceberg where the Ice King isolated himself, and they set out to find the Zero Point. One A.I.M scout made it’s way onto the Island thanks to the disruption the Cube’s destruction caused. After a bit, the iceberg collided with the Island. Something (Most likely the imprisoned Fire King) made the new snowy biome melt, revealing the Ice King’s castle inside a frozen mountain known as Polar Peak. The thawing awakened the Ice King, who realized that he finally made it to the Zero Point. But, since he imprisoned the Fire King with him, that meant he too was there. Scared of the Fire King’s potential escape, the Ice King casted a spell on the Island, which brought in an eternal winter. This failed, as the Fire King eventually freed himself and the Island from the Ice King. He then began to build a volcano to counter the Ice King in Wailing Woods, which attracted the attention of pirates and Aztecs. Eventually, the entire Island searched for the Zero Point, which was found under Loot Lake. A vault was found, and once opened, it would send everyone back to the Inbetween, specifically, the location where IO agent Singularity held weapons and items that mysteriously disappeared from the Loop. The inhabitants managed to open the vault, steal an item and return. Unfortunately, their little journey into the Inbetween was too much, and the volcano erupted, destroying Tilted Towers and Retail Row.

The Dark Future

During the volcano eruption, best friends Jonesy (A snapshot of John Jones) and Peely found their way into a safety bunker. After a bit, Jonesy was forced to eat Peely out of pure starvation, and had a bizarre vision involving the future of the Island. When he left the bunker, he found the Island under technological benefit. Unfortunately, a monster that the Ice King had been keeping escaped, causing the Island to panic. A robot was built, piloted by Singularity to go against the Devourer that escaped Polar Peak. During their showdown, the robot Mecha Team Leader prevailed, mostly because Singularity exposed the Zero Point during battle. The mech left the Island, leaving the Zero Point unstable and exposed.

Out Of Time

After a few days, the Zero Point orb exploded, causing a pause in certain areas. Loot Lake was frozen in time, and so was Dusty Depot, which reverted back to it’s state seconds before the meteor hit. But the person inside the frozen meteor was an alternate version of the Visitor – the Scientist. The Scientist made his way down to the reverted depot to assemble his new rocket, trying to study time travel in the process. He experimented by changing locations up to get a better understanding of time manipulation, even bringing in DC and Borderlands characters. When the day came, the Scientist launched his rocket, bringing in the entire group, including the Visitor, Singularity, who betrayed IO, and the rest of the Seven. Each member had their own rocket, which they used to unfreeze the meteor and place it above the frozen Zero Point. This caused a black hole, which sucked up everything.

E.G.O And A.L.T.E.R

Now that the Loop has sucked itself up, IO needed to come up with a plan. They manipulated the Zero Point into reorganizing all the consumed matter to create a new island. A few IO agents founded E.G.O, and they set off to explore the new reorganized land inside the Loop. However, upon entry, they created Snapshots of themselves. These Snapshots were used by the criminal mastermind Chaos Agent to become a part of his opposing organization A.L.T.E.R. The E.G.O agents learned more about their Snapshots, and one A.L.T.E.R agent, Scratch, even went as far as to kill his E.G.O counterpart 8-Ball. Meanwhile, billionaire Midas, a genius with the golden touch, purchased both factions, working as a double agent, but publicly working with E.G.O. After activating more agents, including the mercenary Deadpool, Midas began work on a device with an A.L.T.E.R engineer named Jules to destroy the Storm, an important part of the Loop. This ended in disaster, as Midas managed to escape the Loop for a little bit, before returning back and creating a Snapshot. The Storm had been subsituted for a wall of water, but when IO tried to revert back, the water collapsed upon the Island. This caused a flood, and Midas ultimately backstabbed the E.G.O team, defecting to the A.L.T.E.R side. Chaos Agent, Jules and Midas prepared to take over the Agency, but Midas was massacred by a shark, leaving his tools in Jules’ hands. So Jules took over the Agency, turning it into the A.L.T.E.R HQ known as the Authority. Meanwhile, what was left of E.G.O recruited Aquaman and created a small outpost by the ocean called the Fortilla, but it was obvious the E.G.O and A.L.T.E.R war was dragging on. IO shut down the E.G.O faction and A.L.T.E.R abandoned the Authority, leaving many agents up for freelance work. After all, something much more important was coming.

Nexus War

A while before, Thor, the Asgardian god of thunder, formed a small duo with Galactus, the devourer of worlds. Thor served as his herald, and the two prepared themselves against something called the Black Winter. But Galactus was distracted by something else. The destruction from the Seven’s return back during the black hole dilemma attracted Galactus to the Island, hungry for the Zero Point. Almost a year later, Thor entered the Loop via a rift to warn the inhabitants about Galactus’ coming. To prepare for the Nexus War, Thor summoned many Marvel heroes from the Bifrost, including Captain America, Wolverine, Storm, Mystique, Groot, She-Hulk, Doctor Doom and Iron Man/Tony Stark. While Doctor Doom took over the quiet suburban town of Pleasant Park, Tony Stark went to work by summoning his lab Stark Industries from the main Marvel universe (616) via portal technology. From there, Stark began to upgrade the Battle Bus by cloning it and turning them into flying bombs. While Stark was working, Midas seemingly returned from the dead as a ghostly spirit who reclaimed the abandoned Authority as the Ruins. Eventually, Galactus reached the Island, and the heroes were ready. Stark allowed the inhabitants to drive his flying bombs into Galactus’ mouth, which sent them back to the Marvel universe.

The Zero Crisis

The results of the Nexus War exposed the Zero Point once more, throwing IO into complete panic. One of the IO superiors tasked John Jones to go back to the Loop once again to fix it and make sure no one escaped. To do this, Jones recruited hunters from across reality, including the Roman-esque gladiator Menace, the pancake bandit Mancake and the shape-shifting barbarian warrior Mave. He even recruited people from other universes like Kratos from God of War, Master Chief from Halo and the Mandalorian himself. But the result of the Nexus War was devastating. Most of the Island became a desert wasteland filled with interdimensional crystals, but John had one additional task: To not attract the attention of the Seven. Jones recruiting all these hunters and people further destabilized the Zero Point, and eventually, he decided to go after the Seven despite IO’s orders. He used his portal gun to open up a portal, which brought in the Foundation, the leader of the Seven. The Foundation ended up sacrificing himself to save all reality, which trapped Jones inside the Loop and sent a primal wave across the Island, reverting the island to a primitive, wild state. The Zero Point was protected in a tower called the Spire, and one character in particular, Raz, felt the Spire calling him, as he wanted to dive into its greatest mysteries with the help of Jonesy snapshots.

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