Rocket League – How Quick Chat Works

Communication is a key part in any team-based online game, and since Rocket League is extremely teamwork-heavy, it makes sense that some form of commuting is necessary, especially with players who don’t own a mic. In this guide, we go over the basics of quick chat, how to use it, and how you can customize it.

So, for starters, quick chat is a feature where you can display a message/phrase in the chat section in-game. Some messages can be positive and nice, others can be passive-aggressive and sarcastic, and some can legitimately be funny. In the “Options” menu, you can find an area where you can customize your preset phrases, which are divided into 5 categories: Information, which allows you to tell your teammates what your strategies are and what position you’re taking, Compliments, which are positive messages praising someone’s play, Reactions, which are essentially basic messages like “Okay” and “Wow”, Apologies, which allow you to apologize for any mistake you made during the game, Post-Game, which are messages said after the game, and Pre-Game, which is exactly the opposite.

You can also type freely if you want to, however, that does waste game time, as it’s a lot easier to just use some preset phrases. This video down below explains it perfectly.

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