New Apple Vs. Epic Lawsuit Details Reveal That iOS-Exclusive Fortnite Cosmetics Were Planned And More

It’s been a bit of time since we last heard from the Apple Vs. Epic case that was filed last August, which had Apple sue Epic over breaking their terms of service and changing price rules, which ended with Fortnite and other Epic-related products being removed from the App Store. But according to popular leakers @SexyNutellaFNBR (Yes, that’s his name) and @ShiinaBR, Epic and Apple had a lot of issues in their relationship, which usually involving Apple offering a deal or idea to Epic, Epic rejecting it, and Apple sabotaging something related to Fortnite or Epic Games. Down below is a thread of SexyNutella’s tweets revealing details about Apple and Epic’s relationship prior to the lawsuit.

Nutella also wrote this:

In October 2019, Mike Schmid, Apple’s business development manager responsible for Fortnite, reached out to Mark Rein, Epic’s Vice President, requesting assets in advance to support a promotion for Fortnite’s upcoming launch of Chapter 2, the largest update to the game since its original launch. Because Epic was planning a surprise release of Chapter 2, Schmid repeatedly assured Epic that he would take personal responsibility for ensuring that Apple did not leak the concept. Despite these assurances, Apple leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 artwork ahead of the planned launch, spoiling the surprise for Fortnite players on all platforms.


This is quite a surprise, as when the concept of Chapter 2 and its artwork leaked a couple days prior to launch on iOS, the community automatically assumed that it was some sort of accident or mistake.

This also changes what people perceived of Apple. Them blocking Fortnite from the App Store was extremely reasonable, because Epic broke their terms of service intentionally, seeing how a short but well-animated video was put out shortly after the lawsuit was filed back in August 2020. But Apple did some stuff that no company or corporation really should be allowed to do, which puts them in a bad light. This case is very serious and can alter the App Store ecosystem and the future of game developing.

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