Fortnite: Battle Royale – Chapter 2, Season 6 Week 4 Quests Guide

The new week in Chapter 2, Season 6 of Fortnite has launched, and with it comes new challenges for us to tackle in reward for XP. These challenges range from self-explanatory to somewhat complicated, so these guides are here for you! I included a cheat sheet down below for additional help, as well as text to help you understand the challenges better, even though the only one that requires any sort of location is the chests one.

Cheat Sheet


Legendary Quest: Forage Bouncy Eggs Hidden Around The Island (10)

Webster is asking us to destroy bouncy eggs hidden around the Island, but unfortunately, I only found one spot for them, which you can see on the cheat sheet. Besides, destroying 10 will reward you with a free Easter-themed harvesting tool, and going above and beyond (20, 30, 40, 50) will earn you 24,500 XP each time.

Set Structures On Fire (10)

You can create a molten anarchy by igniting petrol canisters or throwing jars of fireflies. The former can be found at gas stations, bus stops and industrial POIs, while the latter can be collected in forested areas like Weeping Woods. To complete the challenge, start a fire near player structures, not pre-built ones like houses or apartments.

Search Chests (7)

All you have to do is drop at any of the locations on the map, and chances are, you’ll find chests! On my cheat sheet, you can see which landmarks have a ton of chests and which have less, but be ready to fight when dropping to chest-heavy POIs like Boney Burbs or The Spire.

Eliminate Opponents With Weapons Of Rare Rarity Or Higher (3)

Just grab weapons of Rare, Epic, Legendary or Mythic standards and eliminate 3 opponents!

Shockwave Wildlife Using A Shockwave Grenade Or Bow (1)

Wildlife are known to be a bit too wild for this challenge to be completed, so all you have to do is craft a Hunter’s Cloak with meat and bones, find and tame a wolf, raptor or boar, and throw down a Shockwave Grenade! It’ll be much harder with animals like chickens or frogs, since they’re pretty fast and swift.

Tame Animals In Different Matches (3)

Again, just craft a Hunter’s Cloak with meat and bones and tame a wolf, raptor or boar! You can only do it once in 3 matches for the challenge to actually count though.

Deal Damage To Opponents With The Recycler (1000)

The Recycler is a new weapon that deals around 75-83 damage per shot, so it should take around 12 or 13 shots for the challenge to be completed.

Revive A Teammate (1)

This challenge can only be done in team-based modes that don’t involve respawning. Just wait for a teammate of yours to get knocked, carry them to safety, and revive them.

Alternatively, you can do the challenge in split screen on Xbox or PlayStation consoles via alternate accounts, but it depends if you have secondary controllers or if you play on the Xbox One, Series X, Series S, PS4 or PS5. Those are the only consoles compatible with split screen.

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