How To Update Among Us On Any Platform

Among Us might receive a resurgence of popularity thanks to the new Airship map, but many players have a bit of a problem – the new features and map isn’t there. This isn’t a bug, and this isn’t Innersloth forgetting to drop the update, but rather, your game hasn’t updated yet. In this guide, we show you how to update Among Us on any platform – App Store, Google Play, Steam, Epic Store and the Nintendo Switch.

App Store

Search for “Among Us” on the App Store, and it should say “Update” next to it. Now, this may be the case if you don’t have the “Automatic updating” setting enabled, which means every time an app has an update, you need to update it yourself.

If you already had the “Automatic updating” setting enabled, chances are the update has already finished. For more information on automatic and manual updating, visit this support article.

Epic Games Store

While you need to restart the Epic launcher to actually update the service ITSELF, updating games is a breeze. You should always make sure that automatic updates are enabled by going to the Settings section, and what’s great is that you can change the update type (Automatic or manual) for each individual game.

Google Play

Google Play pretty much has the same procedure that the App Store has, with updating and all of that. I’m fairly certain it’s set to manual updating by default, so if you want to change to automatic updating, visit this support article.

Nintendo Switch

Like the other platforms I mentioned, the Switch supports both automatic and manual updating. For automatic updating, go to the “System” section, then “Auto-Update Software”, and from there, click on.

As for manual updating, make sure your Switch is connected to the internet, and press the “+”or “-” buttons whilst hovering over the Among Us application. From there, click “Software Update” followed by “Via the internet”.


Steam’s procedures are very much like that of the Epic Games Store, where you can change the update settings of every game. If Among Us is slated as automatic, it’ll update automatically. If it’s slated as manual, you’ll have to update it yourself.

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