Fortnite: Battle Royale – Spring Breakout Quests guide And Details

Spring has finally arrived, and that means a ton of holidays and events will be celebrated once more, like Saint Patrick’s Day or Easter. Of course, this means we have some Fortnite challenges and quests to tackle, and these will be similar to the Hearts Wild quests from last season, so be prepared for a free harvesting tool reward!

Event Details

The event is slated to begin by around March 30-April 1, which is when the new update is scheduled to launch. The classic Egg Launcher weapon will also return, as well as a new craftable weapon to fit this season’s weapon meta. By completing this week’s legendary quest, which you will see tomorrow, you can also unlock the Tactical Quaxes harvesting tool.

16BR SB QuestAssets Social

There is also a tournament you can take part in on Friday, April 2, which gives you a chance to earn the Webster outfit and it’s back bling Mecha Feathers, pictured below.

Item Shop outfits new and old will also be rotating during this time, and you can see the line-up of what 2021’s Easter festivities have to offer.

16BR SB Lineup Social

That’s all we know for now!

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