Fortnite: Battle Royale – Where To Find And Hunt Animals

The introduction of proper animals is possibly the biggest change this season, and they can seriously change the way the game is played – in a good way. That means you should know how each animal works, where they spawn, how to hunt them, and what they drop. In this guide, we go over all of that.


Boars can mostly be found in grasslands or woodlands and will drop some animal bones and meat. They’re pretty passive, and only attack when provoked, so make sure you have a full magazine when killing these beasts.


Chickens can be found in autumn areas as well as open fields, and run away if a player comes near. Killing them might not be a good idea – you can pick them up and they can be used as parachutes/gliders since glider redeploy in unavailable in the core gamemodes, and this can used to strategic advantage. But if you are going to kill them, consider using shotguns to get animal bones and meat


Frogs can almost always be found near riversides, especially in Stealthy Stronghold’s rivers. They drop stink sacs, which you can craft into stink bows. They’re extremely fast and can easily blend into grasslands, especially at night, so it’s plausible that you might spend a minute or two tracking down a jumping green ninja.


Wolves can be found in packs of 3 in autumn areas, like near Boney Burbs and Colossal Crops, and remain passive unless provoked. They also attack if they see you, however, you can bypass this by crafting and wearing a hunter’s cloak from meat and animal bones. If they find you, they will run at and attack you, and they’re pretty swift. This means that hunting wolves with shotguns really isn’t a good plan. Try something fast and rapid, like SMGs or Assault Rifles, and since snipers are vaulted, there’s little long-range combat to be had, so you’ll almost always be fighting wolves with a rapid-fire short-range weapon. They drop 3 animal bones and 1 meat.

Alternatively, you can tame wolves to accompany and help you by giving them bones, which you can also purchase from certain NPC characters like Rex.

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