The Best Fortnite Content Creators To Follow

Fortnite, being such a large game, has a dedicated fanbase, which paves the way for new content creators to rise up and create unique and innovative content for players to enjoy. These content creators can mostly be found on YouTube, but some have their own websites or apps, like us! In this guide, we go over a list of the best Fortnite content creators and their Support-A-Creator code.


Loserfruit (Loserfruit)

Loserfruit is an Australian Fortnite streamer. She’s very talented at the game and has managed to make entertaining gameplay for years without stopping. She also uploads vlogs, and is a very down-to-earth content creator. She has 2,500,000 Twitch subscribers as of March 2021.

Ninja (Ninja)

Ninja is a Canadian Fortnite streamer, and is probably the most iconic content creator on the field. While he has gone through a couple of controversies throughout his career as a streamer, he has remained the face of Fortnite for a bit of time, but he mostly streams Valorant and League of Legends nowadays. He has 16,800,000 Twitch subscribers as of March 2021.


Pro Game Guides

Pro Game Guides is a gaming website akin to our own, where you can read new articles on the hottest games right now, including Fortnite. Guides, cosmetic galleries and tips can all be found here, as well as other well-written content pertaining to other games.


SquatingDog is a companion app used to find the locations of challenges, XP coins and other nifty collectibles. SquatingDog’s app is available on iOS and Android, so if you have trouble with your challenges, SquatingDog can seriously help.


BluDrive (BlueDrive)

BluDrive is a British Fortnite: Creative builder, and while he hasn’t uploaded since May 2020, has some very unique videos still up to watch. He used to focus on updates to Creative, map showcases and speedbuild sessions. He has 41,100 YouTube subscribers as of March 2021.

I Talk (ITF)

I Talk has been creating Fortnite content since August 2018, formerly known as I Talk Fortnite. I Talk’s content focuses on mature commentaries and podcasts about the game, and reviewing the daily Item Shop. He has 880,000 YouTube subscribers as of March 2021.

LazarBeam (lazar)

LazarBeam is an Australian content creator who partakes in wacky hyjinks both in the real and gaming world, with a lot of those being in Fortnite. His Fortnite videos usually go over funny exploits in the game and zany ways to win in the game. He also got his very own, personalized cosmetic set recently! He has 18,400,000 YouTube subscribers as of March 2021.

Le Vieux Père (LVF)

Le Vieux Père is a French content creator who mostly does challenge-based videos and music pack showcases. They’re simple, informative and just well-edited. He has 143,000 YouTube subscribers as of March 2021.

Luke The Notable (luke-thenotable)

Luke TheNotable was originally a Halo-centric YouTuber/streamer prior to the launch of Fortnite and other games. His Halo videos consisted of Halo commentaries and playthroughs, but in 2018, he created the 100 Drops series with the video “I Dropped Salty Springs 100 Times And This Is What Happened“, where he dropped at the Salty Springs POI in Fortnite 100 times. He later continued this series with other Fortnite locations over the course of 2018 and 2019, and later branched out and made 100 Drops episodes on games like Rainbow Six Siege, Among Us and Fall Guys. In September 2019, he began a series where he survived in-game Minecraft days, reaching 2000 days by the end of 2020. He has 3,540,000 YouTube subscribers as of March 2021.

MakaMakes (MakaMakes)

MakaMakes is an Irish Fortnite: Creative builder, and has his content focused around building amazing structures in the game, from airport simulators, to massive castles, to monuments, Maka has built it all, and he’s insanely talented. He has 121,000 YouTube subscribers as of March 2021.

Mustard Plays

Mustard Plays is actually the brother of Donald Mustard, the chief Creative director at Epic Games. He used to live-stream Battle Royale and Overwatch gameplay with his brother, but now focuses on Creative content – building new maps, update showcases, and map playthroughs. He has 147,000 YouTube subscribers as of March 2021.

Piz0 (Piz0)

Piz0 is a content creator and U.S army veteran with a channel focused on cosmetics in the game. His videos focus on daily Item Shop reviews and outfit showcases – where he goes over a new outfit in the game and the different combos you can run with it. His creator code has a “0” instead of an “o”, so keep that in mind. He has 451,000 YouTube subscribers as of March 2021.

PlayStationGrenade (Adamaru)

PlayStationGrenade has been running PlayStation-themed and gaming content since 2016, and it focuses on lists, reviews, overviews and commentaries. His Fortnite videos go over map changes, story theories and other well-edited content involving the popular game. He’s also a great YouTuber if you’re into PlayStation, because he also goes over the free monthly PlayStation+ games and PlayStation news. He has 1,750,000 YouTube subscribers as of March 2021.

Shride (Shride)

Shride is a Danish Fortnite: Creative builder, who has collaborated with companies like Nickelodeon and The Red Cross to create truly amazing experiences in Fortnite. Shride also posts tutorials, gameplay, and 1-hour build challenges. He has 99,100 YouTube subscribers as of March 2021.

Tabor Hill (Tabor-Time)

Tabor Hill is a father of many and a long-time gamer. His videos are quick and informational, and usually focus on recent news, general gameplay, the item shop or challenges. In April 2020, he gained community-recognition for being the one to publicly leak details about Chapter 2, Season 3, which ended up being very real. He has 1,750,000 YouTube subscribers as of March 2021.

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  1. Le Vieux Pere is one of my favorite YouTube channels for challenges and music pack videos, too! Another YouTuber I like is Perfect Score, their videos are mostly for challenges and XP coins but they do hypothetical stuff like “trying to eliminate all bosses with just a pickaxe” or “flying across the map with the dub and Mando’s jetpack”. I think he also runs the very useful website


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