Fortnite: Battle Royale – LazarBeam Outfit On It’s Way!

The Icon Series is getting another addition to the pretty exclusive group! The Icon Series includes and represents celebrities, creators and cultures of the real world. So far, we only have music artists like MarshmelloMajor Lazer and Travis Scott and streamers and internet personalities like LoserfruitNinjaLachlan, TheGrefg and just now, LazarBeam. LazarBeam is an Australian YouTuber known for goofing around in video games. Unique challenges, reaction videos and just general gameplay can be found on his channel.

A couple days ago, LazarBeam was featured on the Party Royale radio station in-game, which confirms that he and Epic are officially partnering. While no leaks of a cosmetic set surfaced then, everything changed when LazarBeam scheduled the premiere of his outfit reveal on his YouTube channel:

While no tournament to unlock the outfit early has been announced, it’s likely we’ll see some wacko competitive mode to fit Lannan Eacott’s playstyle.


The outfit has been revealed! As said in the reveal, Eacott put a personal spin on it while retaining elements from his favorite outfit, Merry Marauder.

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