Possible Family Guy Crossover Coming To Fortnite

As we all know, Fortnite has been growing through crossovers like there’s no tomorrow. One second, they’re into Tron, the next, the Flash and then Street Fighter. It seems like Epic can’t go a week without a new crossover, and this time, it’s Family Guy! Now, this comes off as a wild surprise, because Family Guy has more adult-oriented audiences and themes to it. But recently, popular leaker HYPEX tweeted this out:

Now since the Street Fighter back bling released recently takes the form of an arcade machine with a moving screen on it, you could just say that Epic was using Family Guy to test how the screen worked. But if that’s the case, some scenes censor the blood, so why would Epic go out of the way to remove blood from a cartoon that won’t even be seen in the actual game? Plus, an XL male model was updated in the files, despite only one in-game character using such a model: Thanos. Since Peter Griffin is pretty, well, plump, could we see him as an outfit in the future?

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