Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Season 2 Reveal Trailer

Season 2 trailer

The trailer begins with the new operator for NATO, Wolf. The main reason the characters are in Laos, Southeast Asia is because they have a false lead that says that Adler is being held captive by Stitch in Laos. If you notice closely you can see that Woods is flying the helicopter and this proves that during the attack at Pines Mall, Woods escaped. The next scene shows an American solider running through the woods when all of a sudden he runs into the new operator for Season 2. The new operator throws the soldier’s gun back at him, giving the solider a false sense of hope. Later, he pulls out either a magnum or a new score streak called the hand-cannon.

New score streak

He shoots the solider and then picks up a card with his name on it, Naga. As racist as that sounds, this new operator serves Stitch because a few seconds later he says this: “Stitch our rats are here, Adler is secure and headed to you at Verdansk.” Stitch then says: “Good, make them think we care about the Nova 6 supply lines.” He drops the card and grabs a new SMG for the new season. This could be AI-LC10 or it could be the KSP 45.

Naga and the new SMG

Naga walks toward the camera and goes through some trees and disappears into the jungle. The scene changes to a wide field with the second new operator who is running through the field while being shot at by probably some of Stitch’s men. She jumps over a rock and starts shooting one of the new weapons for Season 2, the crossbow.

The new operator and crossbow.

She fires one her arrows and it hits one of the soldiers in the head, and she talks to wolf on the radio. It cuts to the Wolf and Woods, Woods says something extremely important to them: “Don’t get killed.” If Woods hadn’t said that they probably would all have been dead, thanks Woods. Wolf proceeds to jump off the helicopter and mows everyone down with the new minigun, this new weapon is most likely a kill streak.

The new female operator says to Wolf they knew they were coming and that they are a few clicks ahead. He quickly drops an F bomb and says this: ” We can’t abort or Adler’s as good as dead.” Woods steps out of the chopper and says: “He’s one tough son of a bitch, but everyone’s got a breaking point.” After that they advance into the jungle. Most likely, just like last season, we will get a new cutscene mid season. There are 3 new operators and multiple new weapons, the road map will be coming soon and we will do and article on that.

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