Titanfall – The Entire Storyline Explained

Titanfall’s storyline is very interesting and connects through the Titanfall installments and arcs, and the various seasons of Apex Legends. The storyline is told via campaigns and quests, all of which are piecing together the various wars and history in the Outlands. Now that Titanfall’s story seems to have wrapped up and Apex Legends is helping to expand it’s world, we decided to go over the entire Titanfall storyline.


An unknown alien species arrives in the Frontier and develops creations like the weapon of mass-destruction known as the Fold Weapon and Phase Shifting. Many civilizations have risen and fallen, leaving behind shells of their former glory.

The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation

Over on Earth, space travel was very, very limited to nearby planets and solar systems. A company known as Hammond Engineering, founded by Dr. Hammond, began growing rapidly. Scientific materials and Titan designs were shared with humanity, and with the invention of the Jump Drive, more and more people were able to push the boundaries of space exploration. Habitable worlds were grouped as the “Core Systems”, which came few and far between. Hammond Engineering themselves were becoming more and more powerful, rebranding themselves as the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, otherwise known as the IMC. The IMC, being the ones to help with the creation of Spectres and other devices, ruled the Core Systems and helped lead it to success. But so much power led to a bad thing, as more people discovered planets like the Frontier, a whole system of new worlds to explore and survive in against the IMC’s terms. The IMC began to transform into a dictatorship, which led to some conflicts.

The Titan And Frontier Wars

Thanks to the rising of a new organization called the Frontier Militia, a war broke out between them and the IMC. The IMC presumably won, mostly due to their power stance and how the Frontier Militia didn’t have access to firepower like Titans during the first few years of the conflict. This war is dubbed “The Titan Wars”, which took place 15 years before the events of the 2014 Titanfall game. A little while after that, the Frontier Wars began and the IMC began to interact with the Apex Predators led by Kuben Blisk. The Militia then tried to fight the IMC once again, and began construction on their own Titans and military gear. During the Battle of Typhon, a Pilot known as Jack Cooper actually helped to thwart the IMC’s plans to use the Fold Weapon to devastate the Militia, bringing an end to the Frontier Wars, and liberating the Outlands from the IMC.

The Apex Games

Over a decade after the events of Titanfall 2 and the Battle of Typhon, the Outlands ended up completely ravaged. During this time, Kuben Blisk founded the Apex Games, a revival of an old bloodsport starring legends from across the Frontier competing for fame, glory and money. These games were hosted on Kings’ Canyon, an island on the planet Solace. After a few seasons of the Apex Games, a mysterious hacker named Crypto, who had been framed for corporate espionage, devastated the Apex Games in search for answers, who eventually joined the Apex Games after the Games were forced to move to World’s Edge, an island on Talos. The new legends that joined, the thief Loba and simulacrum hitman Revenant, who had some bad blood with each other because of the murder of Loba’s parents to the hands of Revenant 25 years before. They were competing to find the remains of Ash, a simulacrum that had assisted Kuben Blisk during the events of Titanfall 2, which ended with the introduction of modder Rampart in the games and the crew moving to Apex Games moving to Olympus, a floating city on Psamathe just in time for astrophysicist Horizon to join the Games, and later, explosives expert Fuse.

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