Fortnite: Battle Royale – Hearts Wild Quests Guide

It’s that time of year again, Valentines Day! While I cry in my room because I’ll forever be lonely, Fortnite has brought over some challenges we can complete for XP and a free harvesting tool! While this year’s Valentines festivities are nothing to be overly excited about, unlike 2019’s Share The Love or 2020’s Love And War, there are plenty of challenges and missions to go around that will handsomely reward us. And unlike last years’ celebrations, these quests (Except for Cuddle King’s series) will be around for the rest of the season!

Cuddle King’s Quests

Deal Damage To Opponents With Crossbows

For Week 11’s legendary quest, we meet up with Cuddle King, who asks us to deal damage to opponents with crossbows. The only crossbow in the game as of February 11 is Cupid’s, but that should work for now. Like all legendary quests, there are different stages for this: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 damage are all recorded in this quest’s 5 stages.

Fishstick’s Quests

Stage 1: Catch Different Kinds Of Fish To Find A Valentine’s Date For Fishstick

In this challenge, we’re apparently Fishstick’s wingman and we need to find a date for him. So no better way to do that than to find some fish in the sea! We need to find 3 unique species of fish to complete the challenge.

Stage 2: Serve Fishstick And His Date A Fancy Dinner At Any Restaurant

So it seems that Fishstick has finally found a date to bring to a restaurant! There are 3 restaurants across the map you can take him to: The Durrr Burger over near Weeping Woods, the Pizza Pit near Steamy Stacks and the Sticks restaurant in Craggy Cliffs. It would technically be cannibalism if we took the couple to a fish restaurant, but the choice is yours!

Stage 3: Find A Rose At Steel Farm Or The Orchard

To complete this challenge, all you have to do is visit one of these two locations and grab a flower! We have a video for the Orchard location, but not for the Steel Farm. Thankfully, has us covered.

A screenshot from Fortnite showing where the roses are

Grimbles’ And Big Chuggus’ Quests

Collect Grimbles’ Love Love Potion From Fort Crumpet, Coral Cove Or Stealthy Stronghold

In this quest, we have to visit one of the 3 locations to collect a “love potion”. In the video below, I show the location of it for all those visiting Fort Crumpet, but I have planned out maps for those who want to visit the other 2 locations with credit to Dexerto.

Fort Crumpet love potion Fortnite
Fort Crumpet
Coral Cove love potion location
Coral Cove
Stealthy Stronghold love potion Fortnite
Stealthy Stronghold
Deliver The Love Potion To Slurpy Swamp Or Shanty Town

After interacting with the potion, you’ll be tasked by Big Chuggus to deliver it to Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town. Slurpy’s pretty crowded, so Shanty is the much more preferred option to visit, which is based off the video I embedded down below. If you are planning a trip to Slurpy, though, marked both map locations.

A screenshot from Fortnite showing where to deliver the love potions
Slurpy Swamp And Shanty Town

Lovely’s Quests

Stage 1: Collect Chocolate Boxes From Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges Or Retail Row

In this challenge, we can find 2 chocolate boxes in each POI, and we need to find 3 in total. Credit to Sportskeeda for the maps below, and I have a video of the Pleasant Park locations.

Holly Hedges Locations
Holly Hedges
Pleasant Park Locations
Pleasant Park
Retail Row Locations
Retail Row
Stage 2: Help Lovely Celebrate Hearts Wild!

To complete this challenge, all you have to do is give a Valentine’s Day card to any NPC character on the map, and they will have unique dialogue reacting to your kindness! I chose Grimbles the gnome over at Fort Crumpet, who said “We gnomes have heard of the Valentimes. They are upon us?!” Very interesting line indeed.

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