Epic Games Teases Tron Series To Join Fortnite

These last few months have certainly been crazy – ever since August, it seems like Epic cannot get enough of other brands coming in to Fortnite, as Marvel heroes, Rocket League items, Ghostbuster look-a-likes, Kratos from God Of War, Master Chief from Halo, Walking Dead stars, the Predator, Terminator and Sarah Connor, Snake Eyes from G.I Joe and some of the Arrowverse cast have all joined the game one way or another this past year, and we even got Deadpool, Travis Scott, Aquaman and some Star Wars heroes prior to all of that. The latest announcement to join Fortnite’s seemingly never-ending roster of crossovers is Tron, and in this guide, we go over the news.

So recently, a portal appeared on the Island (Which usually alludes to whatever hunter John Jones is bringing onto the Island) and appears to be Tron-related, specifically inspired by 2010’s Tron: Legacy. If you’re not convinced, usually a slight theme can be heard whilst walking towards the portal, like how heroic Marvel music was placed in the portal teasing the Royalty and Warriors pack. The music this time around is Daft Punk, a DJ duo who had music heavily featured in Tron: Legacy. Expect at least 2 outfits to release in the Item Shop soon.

And, we got a new Reality Log to top it all off!

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