Fortnite: Battle Royale – How To Join The Rift Server And How It Works

The Rift server is an unofficial Discord server that mods Fortnite so you can revisit old events and such, and has gained an incredible quantity of traction recently. Fortnite changes all the time, and the Rift server allows you to play a version of older Fortnite in the present, kind of like time travel. Unfortunately, modding is not allowed on consoles or mobile devices, so this can only be done on a device that supports modding, like a PC. In this guide, we go over everything you need to know to join the rift server and revisit memories of yesteryear.

Steps To Join

1. Accept The Server Invite

To join the Discord server, make sure you have a Discord account set-up and use this invite code:

2. Go To The Downloads Channel

Head towards the downloads channel, where one of the rift developers, Makks, has a link to install project rift. Click on it.

3. Extract Files

After downloading the link to your desktop, right-click the file and click “extract files”. You should get the Rift Launcher folder on your desktop now. Be sure to have the official Fortnite files in this folder.

4. Message The Jonesy Bot

Head back to the Discord server and message the bot named “Jonesy”, and what you want to do is type “!register (your username)” (Without the quotations of course)

5. Copy Your Key

After registering your account, Jonesy will give you a key which will basically serve as your account ID. Copy this.

6. Go to RiftLauncher.exe And Launch The Rift Launcher

Go back to the Rift Launcher folder I mentioned before and click on RiftLauncher.exe, where you have to paste the account ID Jonesy gave you from Step 5 and click “launch”.

How To Change Background

To change the lobby background in-game, you need to message the Jonesy bot again and type in “!background (background)”. You can find a full list of every background in the server.

This video can help you with any questions you have.


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