Fortnite: Battle Royale – Mandalorian Beskar Quests Guide

The Mandalorian is one of the latest additions to the Fortnite roster of IPs, and is part of the Chapter 2, Season 5 Battle Pass. Progressing through the Pass will unlock different Beskar quests that will add additional upgrades to Mando after unlocking new outfits. In this guide, we go over all the Beskar quests found in Chapter 2, Season 5.

Quest 1: Visit The Razor Crest (Mandalorian)

The Razor Crest is a new landmark with the new season. It’s based off Mando’s signature ship (That also happens to be represented as a glider) and can be found by the southeast of the desert. Visit this landmark to earn the left shoulder armor piece for Mando.

Quest 2: Earn 5 Weapon Specialist Accolades (Reese)

Weapon Specialist accolades can be earned by racking up eliminations and damage with a certain type of weapon, like a shotgun or assault rifle. This can easily be done in Team Rumble. Earn 5 accolades to earn the right shoulder armor piece for Mando.

Quest 3: Collect 500 Bars (Mancake)

Bars are the newest currency introduced this season. You can obtain bars by chests, completing NPC quests and sometimes by destroying stuff. Earn 500 bars to earn the right thigh armor piece for Mando.

Quest 4: Find Beskar Steel Deep In The Belly Of The Shark (Mave)

The Shark was one of the most popular locations back in Chapter 2, Season 2, but it has since been abandoned. The decaying spy base can be found near Coral Castle and the “belly” refers to the open vault that can be found deep inside the tropical lair. Beskar steel can be found on one of the shelves inside the vault, so obtain it to earn the left thigh armor piece for Mando.

Quest 5: Defeat Ruckus (Kondor)

Ruckus is one of the new NPCs that can be found in Chapter 2, Season 5, who can be located in one of the buildings near Hydro 16. Challenging and defeating him will allow you to earn the left bracer armor piece for Mando.

Quest 6: Find Beskar Steel Where The Earth Meets The Sky (Lexa)

This piece of Beskar steel can be found on Mount Kay, the tallest point on the island. You might need Mando’s jetpack to reach such a zenith altitude, but you can simply resort to skydiving onto the snowy peaks instead, which will allow you to earn the right bracer piece for Mando.

Quest 7: Complete A Bounty (Mandalorian)

Bounty jobs can be offered up by NPCs or by bounty boards on a map. Eliminate your bounty in order to earn the upgraded helmet piece for Mando.

Quest 8: Complete A Legendary Quest (Menace)

Legendary quests are offered every week, so all you need to do is complete the weekly challenge in order to earn the torso armor piece for Mando.

UPDATE | Apparently the torso armor piece is automatically unlocked by unlocking the Menace outfit, so there’s no quest required.


  1. So what happens if you complete all of your Legendary quests every week, but don’t unlock the final Beskar quest until after all are complete? Is it auto-completed? Is it stuck and impossible to complete?


      1. I got it autocompleted, i unlocked menace and instead of getting quest i got piece of beskar automaticaly, i thought that he doesn’t give quest or his quest was something with sand tunneling so i thought they gave me beskar because sand is bugged


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