Apex Legends – Where To Find All 4 Horizon Logs

Horizon is the newest Apex Legend, and her story revolves around her being an astrophysicist trying to solve a massive cataclysm. She moved her family to the floating city of Olympus and partnered up with a scientist named Dr. Reid to solve the cataclysm with a promise to return to her son Newton. But Reid betrayed her, and thus, she was sent into the orbit of a black hole. She eventually returned to Olympus, but she was 84 years too late. Now, she’s been experimenting with time travel in order to get back to her son. In this guide, we go over all 4 Horizon logs you can find around Olympus.

Horizon Log #1

Her first log can be activated in the house in Wildfire Meadow, near the Estates.

Horizon Log #2

Her second log can be activated in the house near the Oasis.

Horizon Log #3

Her third log can be activated in the cockpit of the Arcadia Supercarrier.

Horizon Log #4

Her fourth and final log can be activated by going through the active Phase Runner seen below and listening to the message heard after entering a strange living room.

If you’re having trouble tracking down the specific locations, Twitter user Shrugtal has you covered.

You’ll get the Future Family Photo gun charm and the A Matter Of Time Loading Screen, both pictured below.

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