Fortnite: Creative – The Best Islands And Codes

In case you’re finding Save The World or Battle Royale boring, Creative is always the third option. In Fortnite: Creative, you can find hundreds of great maps and islands to play ranging from different genres like online multiplayer to single player adventure and a whole lot more. So we narrowed it down to a few really great maps you should check out! I also included walkthroughs for as many as I could.

How To Enter A Creative Map

To enter a Creative map, firstly, go to Creative mode. It’s one of the 3 modes in the main screen and once you’re there, queue into a match and you’ll arrive in the hub. 

In front of you is your rift to your personal island but you can find other featured islands too. Walk up to them and proceed to change the code.

In this guide, we included the codes for each map, which are vital in case you wanna join a game. You can then queue up into that map and play it. If you want, you can even support the creator who made that map/island in the Item Shop! 

Alternatively, there’s a Matchmaking Test section, where you can matchmake Creative games with others, and play with other people, which makes fashion shows and prop hunt much more intense. 

Now that we know how to enter a Creative map, let’s see the options!


These maps don’t really have a goal or objective. They’re just very well-designed islands made for your pleasure.

Avengers Base (Exploration (4430-9314-0042)

This map is based on the Avengers compound in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a film franchise I am very passionate about. This island lovingly recreates the Avengers HQ’s exterior, the yard and a Quinjet, all free for roleplaying or making films. There is also a Snipers vs. Runners version of this map. (0324-8825-2719) While this was published by Shride, YouTubers Immaturegamer, Shride, Mustardplays and MakaMakes all worked on this map. You can go check their content out on their respective YouTube channels.

Compact Combat OG Season (0553-7157-6638)

Compact Combat OG Season is a pretty popular one, and for good reason. If you’re a nostalgic player who wants to play through the OG seasons again, this tiny replica of old Athena is perfect! It has all the POIs from Season 0 and 1, including Pleasant Park, Loot Lake and Wailing Woods! There’s also chests so if you want to play around with nostalgic squad mates, you sure can! Created by p_recs.


Back in Chapter 1, the Hub was just a starting location when you queued up into a Creative match. They changed every season and were basic basic. However, starting in Chapter 2 to replace the Block, creators had the option to create their own Hubs, usually to coincide with an event, holiday, season or more. All of these Hubs we showcase have been featured before. Keep an eye out for new submissions!

BluDrive’s Blockbuster Hub (4929-2790-8950)

BluDrive is a very popular Fortnite: Creative YouTuber and early on in Season 1, he created a Hub based on Hollywood! The Hub depicts a Los Angeles-inspired downtown street, with a few restaurants such as Dumplings or Pizza Pit and a cinema, playing The Final Reckoning! This one is one of the more traditional Hubs and it stills remains as one of my favorite ones. Created by BluDrive.

Chasejackmans City Hub (3957-2167-5548)

This hub is one of my favorites. Period. This is Hub is inspired by a traditional city, unlike the Tilted Towers POI from Battle Royale or the City location in Stonewood from Save The World. There’s a bank to visit, cars to look at and even a subway station complete with trains to get on! Created by Chasejackman.

Christmas Town Hub-Design (6331-5682-6071)

While Winterfest 2019 brought a lot of festive hubs, the first one, Christmas Town Hub-Design, was probably my favorite of them all. It depicts a snowy town, much like the Happy Hamlet POI from Athena in Battle Royale, complete with snowy terrain, festive props and even Santa’s sleigh! Created by Prudiz.

Jesgran’s Halloween Hub (8893-5945-2934)

Jesgran’s Halloween Hub was the third hub in Chapter 2. It released on Patch 11.10 during the Fortnitemares 2019 update, and it sure captures a gothic feeling. It has a very eerie and dark vibe to it, including haunted gates, graveyards, jack-o-lanterns, spooky props and even the floating island from Season 6 and X in the back to top it all off! Created by Jesgran.

Splash Camp Hub By Bradymano (4925-6350-8148)

The Splash Camp Hub is one of my personal favorites from Chapter 2, Season 2. Since summer was near, this hub is based on water parks that you and your buddies would go to on the last day of school! There’s interactive slides, a cove-esque area to swim around or drink at and more! Plus, it’s one of the largest hubs, including a camp on the other side of the forest! Created by Bradymano.

Subcloning’s Planetarium Hub (9378-9060-5757)

Subcloning’s Planetarium Hub came as a surprise. It depicts a planetarium, obviously, with globes and tile floors but with one big twist: when you interact with the large globe, you can actually soar through the stars and land on meteors floating in space, complete with a low-gravity effect! Created by Subcloning.


These maps are really scary and usually are single-player and story-driven, so if you’re a Resident Evil or Five Nights At Freddy’s fan, these modes might be for you! They’re completely different compared to other Creative gamemodes like Prop Hunt or Search And Destroy, and most of their scary parts usually are just jumpscares or unexpected moments, so if you can spooked easily by that, best to avoid these gamemodes altogether. But who doesn’t like a good scare? Be sure to knock out the lights and get headphones for the ultimate experience.

Evil Awaits Lucy (5706-4716-3544)

Evil Awaits Lucy is a pretty interesting game. It involves you, the player, as a babysitter, who has been babysitting this girl named Lucy, but one night, some scary, spoopy stuff happens! However, it ends in a mystery, which definitely sets up a sequel or a whole franchise! While the atmosphere and tone of this gamemode is pretty unsettling, jumpscares are somewhat kept to a minimum and the big one will probably make you laugh rather than scream. Created by Jkr_Julian.

jkr_julian] EVIL AWAITS 9.0 Lucy

Prop Hunt

Prop Hunt gamemodes are gamemodes that have hunters and hiders. Hiders are armed with a prop gun that allows them to transform into an object in the level for hiding, while hunters try to hunt them down and kill them. There are many themes, most with excessive props so it’s a lot easier to hide in. And some are very creative with what they do.

Laser Tag Prop Hunt (5717-9259-0171)

This Prop Hunt map was even in the Matchmaking section of Creative! Laser Tag Prop Hunt has the same basic rules as a typical Prop Hunt game with a big change. One person at the beginning of one of the 4 rounds gets to choose the settings (i.e If Hiders come back as seekers or not). As for the map, props aren’t scattered all over the place so it’s pretty easy to learn the map and see which props are out of place and which aren’t. Pro Tip, litter is a good option for a hiding role. You can barely be noticed and if you run to a new hiding spot, you can easily just lay low wherever because it doesn’t matter where they are. Created by Puzzler.


These islands have no specific category or genre, it can be themed around roleplaying, a little project, or a whole lot more!

Fortnite Fashion Show (1660-2089-6911)

I was debating weather to put the Fortnite Fashion Shows here, but I think they deserve it. In case you don’t know, Fortnite fashion shows surged in popularity during a slow time in Fortnite, back mid-way through Chapter 2, Season 1. Streamers and YouTubers would host a fashion show/talent show within a private server and judge people’s outfits and cosmetics. If the host likes your fashion sense, he/she’ll let you pass to the next stage. If he/she doesn’t, he/she’ll kill you in cold blood. Repeat this process with emotes and more until one competitor remains. Well, in Fortnite: Creative, the formula changed. Now, you will show up with around 12 people and a fashion combination you think is good. And there are a couple rounds, showing off your combo, emotes, your weapon or item of choice for a bit of a talent show-like scenario and your glider. The other players will vote, as you’ll compete with another person to fight over votes. It’s basically a pageant in Fortnite. There will be 3 winners, based on how many votes they gathered during all 4 rounds. Created by bunni.

Fashion Show Theme: Summer (5344-3264-7834)

While almost exactly the same as the Fortnite Fashion Show, this one’s theme is summer! So outfits like Sun Strider, Summer Drift, Beach Bomber and Sun Tan Specialist are more than welcome in this map! The differences are that some extra summer-themed props and decorations are sprinkled around, with the gliders part being absent, probably due to how much people didn’t care for it in the first Fortnite Fashion map. Created by bunni.

Fortnite Events Movie (7466-6849-3370)

This is one of the most revolutionary Fortnite: Creative maps of all time. It depicts a cinema where you can see a whole movie! The movie is more of a stop-motion and depicts the Fortnite: Battle Royale lore, from Dusty Depot and the meteors, to the rocket and the rifts, to the Cube and the floating islands, to the Ice and Fire Kingdoms, the Seven and the Black Hole and finally, the Device event. Created by Pimit.

Jumpman Island (2850-5974-6529)

If Jumpman Island rings a bell, it very well should! This was featured as an actual LTM back in Season 9 with the Fortnite X Jumpman crossover, and this island was created specifically for it! Inspired by Brooklyn, Jumpman Island has you race around the city collecting coins, shoes and basketballs as a competition to see who can collect the most coins. It was obviously inspired by the mobile game Subway Surfers yet is a really well-designed map with a ton of easter eggs, shortcuts, secret areas and more to explore. It’s just an overall great map! Created by Jordan Brand.

MakaMake’s Airport Simulator (1854-0566-2178)

MakaMakes is one of the best Creative builders, in my opinion, and his Airport Simulator may be his best one. You play as a passenger heading to the airport, and you must go through typical airport procedures, such as parking your car, buying tickets, going through security and even purchasing food! You have 90 minutes to play the entire gamemode. Created by MakaMakes.

World’s First Fortnite Calculator (5705-1293-4292)

This is the world’s first Fortnite calculator! Yes, it’s a real calculator! Sadly, you can only add or subtract and you can only use 1 digit numbers. Plus, you can’t add/subtract two of the same number. Nonetheless, it’s a great start to having advanced calculators in Fortnite! Created by ifrost origins.


These maps are musical pieces or concerts that use the Fortnite music blocks, a special item that allows you to recreate famous songs or compose your own!

The Mandalorian Theme (2875-1994-5788)

The Mandalorian is one of the most popular television shows on the planet right now, and it’s a spin-off from the Star Wars space opera, focusing on a bounty hunter known as Mando and his adventures across the galaxy. Now that we have a Mandalorian outfit and a Grogu pet in Chapter 2, Season 5, I 0K I decided to recreate the show’s iconic opening theme with the music blocks. Created by I0K I.

Search And Destroy

Search and Destroy maps come from the Search and Destroy gamemodes in games like Call Of Duty or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The modes depict two teams: Defenders and Attackers. Defenders try to hold a position on a bomb site and prevent it from attack. Attackers try to break into bomb sites and rig up bombs. However, if the Attackers rig a bomb, Defenders can still defuse them before they go off. They’re extremely popular, so let’s see which ones we have!

Mall Mayhem Search And Destroy (3328-1102-8681)

This map was actually made by I Talk Fortnite, one of my favorite Fortnite YouTubers. It depicts a typical mall with different floors and stores (Hey! That rhymed) and interestingly enough, has 8 different possible bomb sites instead of the usual 2, but there can only be 2 at a time. You can crawl through vents, use elevators and more, making it one of the most unique Search and Destroy maps. Created by I Talk Fortnite.

Search And Destroy: Cove (6504-5976-2958)

Like Jumpman island, Search and Destroy: Cove was actually an LTM at the end of Chapter 2, Season 1 during the Love and War event for Valentine’s Day. Cove stood out to me a lot more because I actually really enjoyed how the map was built! Very reminiscent of Season 8, which, keep in mind, was one of my least favorite seasons, Cove was based on a pirate village, complete with a pirate ship and sewers to swim through! Mobility works very well here, as using the sewers or just swimming to the bomb sites is really fun. Created by KK Slider.

Zone Wars

Zone Wars maps are extremely popular to Battle Royale players and professionals, due to them being practice for endgame fights at the end of a Battle Royale match. These kinds of maps involve people, sometimes in teams, to build and fight in a very small zone with an ever-shrinking circle, hence the name, “Zone Wars”. These maps also became popular in Season X with Battle Royale having some of the Zone Wars maps as LTMs, and they also had cosmetics and challenges.

Area 51 Zone Wars (9843-7754-8806)

Raiding the military base Area 51 was an internet trend back through July-September 2019, due to a Facebook account jokingly suggesting to raid Area 51 to “see dem aliens”. Well, Dropnite, a website that lists and recommends good Creative islands, created their own Zone Wars map based on Area 51. The map depicts a crazy battle by Area 51 in Nevada, with government choppers and desert land to fight on. Overall, Battle Royale players can practice fighting and building while Creative players can appreciate the build and design. Created by Dropnite.

Tilted Towers Zone Wars (9962-5322-4824)

If you’re a newer player, you may not know what Tilted Towers was. Well, long ago in Season 2, back in January 2018, Tilted Towers was introduced. Inspired by the city location in Stonewood (Save The World), the POI quickly became popular and even iconic due to it’s loot and it’s position on the map. It’s near the center, which meant you didn’t have to run from the Storm as much. On May 4, 2019, during the Unvaulting event, Tilted was destroyed and replaced by Neo Tilted at the beginning of Season 9. Well, this replica of Tilted allows nostalgic players to not only sharpen their skills but to also revisit their favorite buildings in Tilted Towers. Created by vvvv.

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