Epic Games Teases G.I Joe Character To Join Fortnite

Fortnite’s fifteenth season has been gathering iconic hunters from all sorts of realities – including those of 80s culture. We already saw the Predator, the Terminator and Sarah Connor all come into the game, but now we have a new icon join Jones’ IO army – a G.I Joe character.

Recently, Donald Mustard, chief creative officer at Epic Games, changed his Twitter location to “Arashikage Clan”, which is a fictional Japanese clan in the world of G.I Joe.

He also tweeted an image of him reading a G.I Joe comic, with no caption or context whatsoever.

And just an hour ago, the official Fortnite account tweeted a new Reality Log, giving details about one of the mercenaries like Snake Eyes from the franchise coming in as a playable outfit. This is quite interesting, as Chapter 2, Season 1 was heavily inspired by G.I Joe, and one of the outfits, 8-Ball, seemed to directly reference Snake Eyes.

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