Fortnite: Save The World – No Dancing Walkthrough

No Dancing is one of the various questlines in Fortnite: Save The World, and follows the crew at Homebase facing the Love Storm, a violent and deadly love-based storm. They meet up with Stoneheart Farrah to develop a strategy against the Love Storm to save themselves before it’s too late.


Ray has a discussion about the incoming Love Storm with Major, who realizes that it’s been decreasing combat efficiency. Homebase later runs into Stoneheart Farrah, a love expert who has a strategy to combat the Love Storm: Make this Valentines Day as horrid as possible – twisted truths, little happiness and especially no dancing are all Farrah’s plan to go against this violent phenomenon. Kyle’s gotten involved in the destruction in all things lovely too! One of the solutions Homebase comes up with is to write a breakup song to get everyone in a poor mood for Valentines’ Day. This strategy fails, and the team decide to

You’re No Good

You’re No Good is the first quest, and has you look for mailboxes to open envelopes, which all feature messages for the members of Homebase, all part of Farrah’s plot.

Disco Demolition

Disco Demolition is the second quest, and has you look for dance floors to blow up. There are around 7 of them.


Loveless is the third quest, and has you look for 5 boxes filled with pieces of anti-love memorabilia to inspire Lars and Jess.

Songs Of Hate And Hate

Songs Of Hate And Hate is the fourth quest, and has you look for 3 speakers to broadcast Lars’ latest romance-themed hit.

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love is the fifth quest, and has you look for 5 spots to deploy flyer cannons, which will spread anti-love propaganda.

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