Fortnite Teases February Fortnite Crew Outfit Via Their Twitter

As every month comes to an end, we patiently anticipate the reveal for the next Fortnite Crew outfit. Now that we’re nearing January’s final months, Fortnite changed their Twitter profile and banner to relate to Drift.

They also tweeted eight vague teasers relating to the character:

If you’re not fully convinced that it’s related to the Fortnite Crew, here’s was a line from Fortnite’s last blog post related to the service:

We’re not quite ready to announce who’s in February’s Crew Pack just yet, but we can say it’s a new face from the world of Fortnite that players should look forward to! 🦊🤫

Obviously it seems they put way too much effort into teasing February’s pack, as this feels more like a story easter egg rather than a teaser for a new cosmetic, but nonetheless, it’s certainly exciting.

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