PlayStation Unintentionally Leaks Terminator-Themed Outfits For Fortnite

Agent John Jones has been bringing in hunters from all sorts of realities – from gaming worlds like Halo’s and God of War’s, to the depressing world of AMC’s The Walking Dead, and most recently, the worlds of 80s adventure films. Recently, we learned about the Predator coming into the game with new challenges to earn his outfit and other items, but now, we have intel on the next group of heroes Jones is bring in – those from the Terminator!

Earlier today, Fortnite’s official Twitter account posted a reality log – these are audio files that they tweet every once in a while to tease the new hunter – and since we have seen so many Terminator references in-game like the recently-added Lever Action Shotgun weapon being a direct reference to the series – and the new portal that appeared near Stealthy Stronghold, we weren’t surprised by the confirmation at all. Nonetheless, it’s good to get some actual transparency on the topic. You can listen to John Jones’ audio tape here:

PlayStation also unintentionally leaked what the outfits for this Terminator set will look like as we had very little clue about which characters were coming to the game. Seems like we’ll have T-800 and Sarah Connor as playable outfits very soon, but we don’t know much else.

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