Fortnite: Save The World – Red Willow’s Eve Walkthrough

Red Willow’s Eve is one of the newest questlines in Fortnite: Save The World, and follows Willow during the holidays, while the crew at Homebase try to deal with a violent vengeance coming from the Storm.


It’s the holiday season, and Ray and the rest of Homebase are collecting slushy bags of snow to help with their problem, which is the Storm growing more and more violent. As reluctant as Ray is about this plan, Crackshot reassures her it’ll be their salvation. Crackshot wants to continue the Christmas tradition which he believes will effect the Storm. Ray later meets up with Willow, who helps relieves Homebase’s stress of the incoming storm by treating them with nightmares, who plans to create the worst Christmas ever to drive away husks. Her nightmares make people like Ray, Lars and Dennis even more paranoid, as they go out and rescue survivors to protect them from the incoming storm. But in order to instill a terrible holiday season, they need to recruit the Misfit characters like Ted, Jilly and Tank to assist with the worst Christmas ever. Jilly wants to have the worst dinner party ever with Dennis, but Ted has other plans. He wants to reboot his property and make it the best it can be. Unfortunately, his plan fails and he ends up with a terrible reboot, making Ray satisfied. Eventually, the team decide to just embrace the


Let It Slush

Let It Slush is the first quest, and has you look for bags of slushy snow. This is for Crackshot’s second Christmas plan against the Storm, which seems a little over-the-top and silly.

‘Twas The Night Before Tuesday

‘Twas The Night Before Tuesday is the second quest, and has you look for street lights to destroy. They are best found in city zones, so try to look there.


Dreams is the third quest, and has you rescue survivors. Best if done in a Rescue The Survivors mission.

Save The Date

Save The Date is the fourth quest, and has you headshot some husks 30 times. As daunting as this challenge may seem, it’s actually pretty easy. All you have to do is go around and aim your shotgun at husks. A good chunk of them are completely idle or are sleeping, so this shouldn’t be that hard.

A Gift You Cannot Refuse

A Gift You Cannot Refuse is the fifth quest, and has you go around to try to secure 6 presents Willow planted around the map.


Misfits is the sixth quest, and has you go around the map to talk to 3 characters from the Misfit Toys questline: Ted, Jilly Teacup and Sgt. Tank Gatling. They’re usually found by the edge of the map and have a survivor icon by them.


Tanksgiving is the seventh quest, and has you try to find 8 of the worst gifts ever for the worst Christmas ever.

Sit In

Sit In is the eighth quest, and has you destroy 7 tables across the map for Jilly’s tea party.

Laser Blasters Hung By The Mantle With Flair

Laser Blasters Hung By The Mantle With Flair is the ninth quest, and has you inspire Ted by interacting with certain props, like toy piles, books and television sets.

Silent Light

Silent Night is the tenth quest, and has you set up Christmas lights across the zone. This is also the quest where you unlock the Red Willow hero, who is an outlander!

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