Fortnite: Battle Royale – How To Play As Non-Player Characters

Fortnite: Battle Royale is known for it’s rather expensive cosmetic outfits, which, unlike most free games, has really high-quality outfits, like the awesome Menace gladiator or the epic 8-Ball mercenary. But some high-quality models don’t actually end up as outfits, and some, like the ones I mentioned, aren’t even obtainable anymore! So, in this guide, we go over how to play as any NPC on the island.

Alright, so, the only cosmetic you will need is the Mystique outfit. She was a part of the Chapter 2, Season 4 Battle Pass and is based off the Mystique superhero from Marvel’s heroic roster, who has the ability to transform into the outfit the enemy that you previously eliminated was wearing. This technically isn’t a pay-to-win feature, as they’re just cosmetic, but you can use these to play as special characters that aren’t in the game yet. Just run into an NPC that uses a model that’s not an outfit, eliminate them, and then use her built-in emote to transform into the outfit of your previous enemy. Now, keep in mind you had to do challenges to unlock Mystique’s emote, but recently, Epic gave everyone the Battle Pass built-in emotes from last season to everyone who earned the outfits for free, which is quite convenient. Here’s a list of possible NPCs you can turn into, to name a few:

  • GHOST and SHADOW Henchmen |These characters have a 10% chance to spawn in IO elevators. You may recognize them as the henchmen from last season who went on crazy adventures following the fall of their respective factions.
  • IO Guards | The IO Guard NPCs, while sharing similarities to Season 5’s Enforcers, are completely unique outfits who spawn in IO elevators. They’re completely hostile, so be sure you have guns ready when you find them.
  • Kyle | Kyle is a character that can be found on the map, based off Kyle from the Save The World gamemode. While we datamined a leak that proves he’ll become an outfit in the distant future, we can instead rely on this NPC while we wait.

And there you go! You can become any non-player character from there! Unfortunately, it only lasts for a minute before you return to your normal form, any taking or dealing any damage also removes the effect. However, if in any way you return to your normal form, you can simply use the emote again.

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