Fortnite: Save The World – Misfit Toys Walkthrough

Misfit Toys is one of the various questlines in Fortnite: Save The World, and follows the crew at Homebase trying to deal with the chaos of misfit toys, including the doll Jilly Teacup and her creator Ted, who has gone into hiding thanks to his creations.


Ray runs into Jilly Teacup and Cuddly Bear, two misfit toys. Jilly explains that she doesn’t know where her creator Ted is, but Ray finds out afterwards that Ted went into hiding for an unknown reason. They find Ted, who reveals that he is ashamed of his creations, and eventually, he winds up in court, sentenced to die thanks to his creations. Homebase goes into a frenzy looking for potential lawyers, and they eventually settle on Sgt. Tank Gatling to help with the trial. After a bit, the team win the trial, but Jilly is unhappy, so Homebase needs to find a way to satisfy her. They do this with a tea party! Ted is still in shambles because he believes that his creations are stupid and his career is just a failure. He and Quinn then work together to create Monks, a stuffed monkey!


Day Of The Living Ted

Day Of The Living Ted is the first quest, and has you look for Ted, Jilly’s creator. You can find him knocked down, and is usually near the edge of the map.

Rise Of Jilly

Rise Of Jilly is the second quest, and has you look for toys for Jilly to destroy. You can find them in houses in suburban neighborhoods.

The Bean Plan

The Bean Plan is the third quest, and has you look for bean packages for a plan Ray has.

Toying With Your Emotions

Toying With Your Emotions is the fourth quest, and has you rescue survivors to serve as potential lawyers for Ted’s case.

I’m The Law, Apparently

I’m The Law, Apparently is the fifth quest, and has you eliminate zappers to gather dense violentium. You can usually find them in groups on the map’s border, and they do fight back with ranged weapons, so be careful.

Tea And Sympathy

Tea And Sympathy is the sixth quest, and has you set up tea party stations all over town. This is also the quest where you unlock the Jilly Teacup hero, who is an outlander! Apparently there are sound issues with the video down below, so keep that in mind.

Monkey Times

Monkey Times is the seventh and final quest, and has you collect specific materials for Ted to create his next masterpiece: A stuffed monkey!

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