Fortnite: Battle Royale – Pleasant Park Location Guide

Pleasant Park is one of the most popular locations on the Fortnite island. This quiet little suburb is home to nearly 20 chests, a ton of loot and great strategical landing spots. It also has had quite the history behind it, and is one of the oldest landing spots in the game at the moment. However, Pleasant Park is a little difficult to learn, so, in this guide, we go over Pleasant Park and how to survive it.


Pleasant Park was first added on September 26, 2017 when Chapter 1 first came out. The place was a quiet suburban town and didn’t receive much updates for quite a long time. A really long time in fact, and was one of the only POIs that never changed. However, on October 13, 2019, when Chapter 1 ended, Pleasant was sucked into a black hole for a few days and when Chapter 2 released on October 15, Pleasant still remained, with only a few color and lighting changes. In Chapter 2, Season 2, a SHADOW bunker was uncovered under the football field where you could grab a helicopter. The following season, Pleasant was flooded but thankfully had insurance so it remained afloat above the water. In Chapter 2, Season 4, the POI was turned into Doom’s Domain, which included a lair for the villainous Victor Von Doom. Doom’s Domain was reverted back in Chapter 2, Season 5.

Drop Spots

Brick House

The Brick House can be found by the northwest corner of the POI. It contains 2 chests and is also my personal favorite landing spot.

Brown House

The brown house can be found right next to the Brick House and is one of the smaller ones, with only 2 chests. The house was replaced with Doctor Doom’s castle during Chapter 2, Season 4 but was reverted back after the huge Marvel takeover.

Gas Station

The Gas Station can be found by the east of the POI. It contains a small ammo box, an upgrade bench and a dumpster that you can hide in.


The Gazebo is right smack in the center of Pleasant, and while it looks pleasant, it’s a very bad spot to drop at. It’s right smack dab in the middle of the open and there’s only 1 chest.

Green House

The Green House can be found by the southwest area, and is one of the best drop spots in the entirety of Pleasant. 3 chests can be found here, which is a lot and can probably get you decent loot.

Modern House

The Modern House can be found by the southeast corner of the POI. It’s blue and contains 1 chest.

Small Yellow House

The Small Yellow House can be found by the east of the POI. It’s a little bit special because it has a bunker underneath that appears to be a cellar of sorts. You can find 2 chests here.

Soccer Field

The Soccer Field (Otherwise known as Football Field) contains a single chest in the center of the sporting arena. It also has a ball so you can kick it into a goal and get an achievement for it.

White Brick House

The White Brick House can be found northeast and is one of the most popular buildings in the entire POI. With a balcony, 3 chests and a ton of brick to be farmed, it is a very attractive option to most who land at Pleasant Park.

White House

The White House, while boasting 2 floors, only has 2 chests, so don’t let it’s grand size fool you. If everyone other house is occupied, this will do, but it shouldn’t be a go-to option from the get-go.

Yellow House

The Yellow House, located northwest, is possibly the worst house in Pleasant. There’s only 1 chest, which makes it a terrible landing spot.


A Kick In The Grass | Scored a goal in the Pleasant Park soccer field. (Available during Chapter 2, Season 1)

GOOOOOOAAALL! | Scored a goal in the Pleasant Park soccer field. (Available during Chapter 2, Season 2)


  • Doggo
  • Doom Henchmen (Formerly)
  • SHADOW Henchemen (Formerly)
  • Doctor Victor Von Doom (Formerly)


Pleasant works best as a Solo drop spot. There won’t be enough loot if you try to drop with your squad, and if the area is unpopulated (Which it rarely is) you can try to do so, but it’s not a recommended spot for team-based modes. In Solos, each person can claim a house for their own, loot up inside and try to fight from there. It’s also quite open, so there will be snipers. Another thing is that Pleasant is an area where stealth is key. If you can sneakily leave or sneakily go to another house for eliminations, that would do you good. But overall, Pleasant is a one-man’s game.

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