Fortnite – Essential Guide

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world at the moment, and has a lot more content than the eye can see. There is a ton of things to do in Fortnite, and since Chapter 2, Season 5 released recently, I decided to do an essential guide on Fortnite, including the Save The World, Battle Royale and Creative gamemodes. In this guide, we do that.


Save The World

Save The World is the first gamemode, and assumes the role of a PvP RPG, released in July 2017. Your goal is to manage a homebase, which is a facility of heroes and officials trying to take back the world after a “zombie apocalypse” took away 98% of the population, filling the world with evil zombies known as husks. You have to train your heroes, go on missions, collect resources, manage research and strive throughout these trying times. It’s the only gamemode that’s a premium purchase, and not free. It is currently only available by purchasing the Powerhouse starter pack, or whatever starter pack is available at the time.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is the second gamemode, the most popular and the one that’s basically the face of the entire game, which released in September 2017. It’s a massive battle royale that took inspiration from the hit sensation PUBG, except taking place in the world Save The World established. Your goal is to explore the island you’re dropped off at to look for materials, loot and essentials, where you’ll eventually come across enemy players. There’s also a deadly Storm that was introduced in Save The World that constantly shrinks, making certain locations contaminated. The survivors are forced into a “safe zone” where the final player standing wins. There’s also other versions that shake the experience up. For example, there are some that alter the loot pool or team quantity. Some change the objective of the game, and some, like Party Royale and Battle Lab, are completely different to the core modes. There’s also seasonal events, challenges, cosmetics, a Battle Pass and tournaments to play in.


Creative is the third gamemode, and released in December 2018. The gamemode gives you the ability to create your own island using prefabricated structures, props, walls, items, consumables and much more. If you don’t want to create your own islands, perhaps check out other people’s creations, ranging from 1v1 matches, to hide and seek, to infection matches, as there are many creations you check out. Click here for more Creative islands and creations.


In Fortnite, there are 3 materials used to build, that being wood, brick and metal. Wood can be found in forested areas and in most houses, brick can be found by destroying rocks or places made out of brick, and metal can be found after annihilating electronics, cars, RVs, etc. You can also add traps and items like campfires and healing pads. Click here to learn more about building.


The combat in Save The World is derived from schematics and abilities. You can use Kyle’s Bull Rush ability to crush some husks, or Ramirez’s Goin’ Commando! to help yourself to a massive minigun. With schematics, they can be found from llamas or as a reward but must be crafted with materials, so that way, if an item breaks, they can always craft a new one. The combat in Battle Royale, however, comes with weapons that can be found all over the map. You can use shotguns, assault rifles, SMGS, sniper rifles, etc. There’s also different rarities of items. Common is grey and the most common around, Uncommon is green and is a little bit harder to come across, Rare is blue, pretty good and will deal a lot of damage, Epic is purple and a great tool, and Legendary is orange and will greatly benefit you if you have a legendary weapon on you. You can also find golden Mythic items from bosses and AI henchmen which are some of the most overpowered items in the game.

Cosmetics And Currency

The cosmetics in Fortnite are known for being so iconic, and can be purchased in many ways. Cosmetics include the following:

Back Bling | A backpack or a back accessory for your character to don.

Banners | A logo you can display.

Contrails | A visual trail that can be seen whilst skydiving. Not available in Save The World.

Emotes | An animation your character can perform. Usually takes the role of a dance or a simple movement.

Emoticon | An emoji you can display for a few seconds.

Gliders | A special aerial item that will allow you to glide down from the Battle Bus or from the sky. Not available in Save The World.

Harvesting Tools | A pickaxe or item which you can use to smash into things in-game.

Loading Screens | An image displayed on screen whilst you queue into a match.

Music | Soundtrack or music audio that plays in the lobby.

Outfits | A new look for your character.

Pets | An animal that can placed on your back. They usually emote a lot more than the traditional back bling.

Sprays | An image you can display, replicating a mural found in real-life cities.

Toys | A small prop your character can interact with, like a hamburger or a water bottle.

The only premium currency used in Fortnite are V-Bucks, otherwise known as Vindertech Bucks. This currency can be obtained by completing Save The World quests prior to June 2020, or by direct payment. V-Bucks can be used to purchase cosmetics from the Item Shop or the seasonal Battle Pass. The other currency isn’t premium, gold! Gold can be used in Save The World to purchase heroes, schematics and other goodies while gold, labelled gold bars, can be used in Battle Royale to buy things from NPCs and can be earned by completing bounties to by doing challenges.

Events And Seasons

Both Save The World and Battle Royale have had limited-time events and seasons across their lifetime. Save The World has different events like Blockbuster and Holly Jolly Ransom, in addition to seasonal venture zones, where you can explore locations every month or 2. Meanwhile, Battle Royale currently has 15 seasons, each one including a 100-tier Battle Pass, map changes (A new map every 10 seasons) and new challenges.

Maps And Locations

In Save The World, there are many zones to explore. Some of these zones are limited-time and seasonal, while others aren’t, and are vital in the game’s campaign.

Blasted Badlands | A desert valley that was part of Season 1 of Save The World’s ventures.

Canny Valley | A desert valley, complete with mineshafts, western towns and canyons.

Crackshot’s Neighborhood| A snowy suburban town, home to the insane Crackshot.

Dungeons | An eerie medieval forest near Hexslyvania, filled with demonic dungeons.

Flannel Falls | An autumn-esque forest that was part of Season 3 of Save The World’s ventures.

Frostnite | A snowy, icy biome like no other.

Hexsylvania | A haunted Halloween-themed location, and also was a part of Season 2 of Save The World’s ventures.

Hit The Road | A desert canyon used during the summer events.

Plankerton | An autumn-esque forest.

Stonewood | A traditional grassy place, filled with lakes, forests, suburbs, cities and industrial zones.

Twine Peaks | A volcanic and environmental zone, which will challenge even the best commanders.

As for Battle Royale locations, they usually range from massive castles to small suburban neighborhoods. I won’t go over all of them, but it’s important to know where you want to land before dropping onto the island.


In Save The World, mobility can only be found with the hoverboard vehicle, which you can craft with the right materials and metals. In Battle Royale, mobility can range from ziplines and geysers across the map, to rifts and the Zero Point, to Quadcrashers, to B.R.U.T.E mechs, to the X-4 Stormwing airplane and even the infamous Shopping Cart!

Competitive Scene

Since Fortnite is such a popular game, it makes sense that the developers would want to create a competitive scene for their project. Fortnite’s competitive scene is certainly an interesting one. Every season since Chapter 2’s launch, they’ve had FNCS tournaments, which stands for FortNite Champion Series. Every year since 2019 however, they have had literal $30,000,000 competitions known as the Fortnite World Cup, but due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 tournament was cancelled.

The game also has a ranked mode known as Arena. In Arena, you earn Hype points from eliminating, surviving and winning. There are different ranks locked behind Hype, with each rank harder than the last.

Some Extra Things

There’s also statistics you can view, replays of recent matches you can watch, legacy achievements you can shoot for, and just plain simple goals to try your hand at. Fortnite is a very deep game with a lot to do, so it’ll be hard to get bored.


    1. Star Wars Battlefront II is what I want to do next, but I have so much on my agenda that I want to do before 2020 ends. Battlefront II and the new Assassin’s Creed should be the final essential guides of the year, before I move on to other things.


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