Apex Legends – Essential Guide

Apex Legends is Respawn’s latest game and is quite an interesting battle royale. The game is a mix of class-based games, such as Team Fortress 2 or Overwatch and battle royale, so it’s kind of unlike anything we’ve seen before. Set in the Titanfall universe, the game revolves around over 14 legends fighting for glory across a star system known as the Frontier. So, in this guide, we will explain how Apex Legends works.


Apex Legends takes place 30 years after Titanfall 2’s campaign, and follows an intergalatic team called the Mercenary Syndicate. These guys have created a bloodsport, and people from across the Frontier are joined for glory, respect and fame. Junkies, outlaws and robots. They’re all here. These “Apex Legends” fight across different planets in 3-man squads and battle to be the last squad standing.


Legends are the characters that you can play as in Apex Legends. There are currently 15 legends as of Season 7, and each one has a Tactical ability, which is a pretty useful ability, a Passive ability, which is a small and nifty perk, and an Ultimate ability, which is an extremely powerful ability with a 2-minute cooldown. They also have unique cosmetics and lore behind them. Here is a list of all the current Apex Legends:

Bangalore | An expert soldier who uses her experience in the military for offense.

Bloodhound | A grizzled hunter who uses technology to prey on enemies.

Caustic | A scientist who uses toxic gas to kill enemy legends.

Crypto | A surveillance-based hacker who uses a drone to spy and attack.

Gibraltar | An overly-large man who uses his shielded tech to be a literal fortress.

Horizon | An astrophysicist who uses her knowledge of astronomy to gain an advantage.

Lifeline | A skilled medic who joined the Apex Games to help others.

Loba | A high-society thief who uses translocating devices to steal and collect loot and valuables.

Mirage | A hologram expert and joker who uses decoy tech to fool enemies.

Octane | A junkie who uses stims and launch pads to pull off incredible feats and stunts.

Pathfinder | A robot with built-in grapple tech to traverse around the arena.

Rampart | A modificator who uses her firepower to modify the competition.

Revenant | A killer robot who uses shadowy powers to gain tactical advantage.

Wattson | An electrical engineer who uses her knowledge of electricity for battle.

Wraith | A lab escapee who uses her knowledge of dimensions to evade peril.

New legends come every season, so there’s always something to look forward to!


There are two arenas in Apex Legends at the moment. The first is King’s Canyon, a large desert canyon with a science-fiction touch to it. The second is World’s Edge, a massive wasteland of opposing environments, like fire and ice. The third is Olympus, a massive floating utopia with these cars called Tridents! Arenas usually are in rotation, so one hour King’s Canyon will be the main arena. The next hour will have World’s Edge. The next would be Olympus, and then back to King’s Canyon. Arenas are also updated every season and every event with new structures and environments, so there’s always fresh changes.


Apex Legends is a team-based game. The Solos gamemode only comes in every once in a while, but other than that, there’s only a Trios and Duos mode. At the beginning of the match, the squadmates must choose a legend. There can’t be more of the same legend in a single team, which sucks, but makes sense. Then you drop together in a team, thanks to a chosen Jumpmaster, but if you’re really daring, you can ditch the team and drop solo. If you are cocky enough, that is. Finally, there’s the Pinging system, where you can ping enemies, items, locations and more in case you don’t have a mic or you’re shy and introverted.

Events And Seasons

To keep games fresh, most game developers add limited-time events or seasons into their game. Apex Legends has seasons, and each one bring a new legend, map changes, a new gun, a new Battle Pass and other gameplay additions, completely re-vamping the game. Seasons are also themed, with it’s additions corresponding with that theme. Limited-Time Events, however, are small events to coincide with a season or holiday. They include exclusive cosmetics, a Town Takeover and an exclusive heirloom. What are heirlooms, you ask?

Cosmetics and Currency

Cosmetics are an important part of Apex Legends. They can come from events, the shop, Apex Packs, the Battle Pass and more. Cosmetics include the following:

Badges | Small icons that appear on banners. These can also show off your current level.

Banner Frames/Poses | Poses and frames for your legend’s banner.

Heirlooms | A melee weapon, usually in the form of a sharp object, that a player can equip.

Holo-Sprays | A holographic image based off a legend.

Legend Skins | An outfit for the legends to wear.

Loading Screens | An image displayed on screen whilst you queue into a match.

Music Packs | Soundtrack or music audio that plays in the lobby and whilst skydiving.

Skydive Emotes | A fancy pose or animation you can perform while skydiving.

Skydive Trails | A contrail to follow you while skydiving.

Trackers | Statistics to be featured on banners, which correspond with different legends.

Weapon Skins | Gun camoflague for all the guns in the game.

You can also buy Apex Packs, which are basically loot boxes with cosmetics, so it’s not pay-to-win and it therefore technically isn’t gambling. Anyway, you can also buy the currency is Apex Legends, Apex Coins, however, unlike in Fortnite, you can’t buy it from the main in-game store. You have to go to the Xbox Store/PlayStation Store/etc. to buy the Apex Coins from there.


There are a ton of ways to get around Apex arenas. You can use mobile characters like Pathfinder or Loba, who have special abilities that allow them to move quickly around the map. Another way is to use the ziplines found across areas like King’s Canyon or the Trident vehicle in Olympus, which can store a few teammates and a trap, like Rampart’s Shiela gun or Caustic’s nox traps.

Some Extra Things

In the game, there are Kill Leaders, players in the entire server who have the most kills. These Kill Leaders are also displayed on holographic screens across Kings Canyon with an XP-based reward given if you kill them. So there’s a little bit of bounty hunting going on. Also, there are microtransactions, since this is an EA game, but they are just cosmetic items that grant no competitive advantage like skins for legends, gun skins like in Call of Duty or Fortnite, voice lines, win and kill trackers, banners and a whole lot more. 

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